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Is a fidget cube and a tangle odd stocking gifts?

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JenLindleyShitMom Sat 24-Dec-16 21:44:20

I got them for DS (7) to have in school (have spoken with school first obviously) but they arrived today and I was thinking of putting them in his stocking from Santa. Will he just look confused and wonder what the hell santa is playing at or will he just see them as toys? I'm over thinking this aren't I?

CherrySkull Sat 24-Dec-16 21:46:11

they're fine smile

youarenotkiddingme Sat 24-Dec-16 21:51:47

My 12yo ds with autism (HFA) loves these types of things!

If you have a child who likes to fiddle they'll enjoy having something fun to fiddle with.

This year in his stocking Ds has a fiddle cube, small fibre optic light, minecraft silicone bracelets and some deodorant (amongst the other crap!)

It's both age and enjoyment appropriate for him.

Blacksox Sat 24-Dec-16 21:53:45

My ds wanted a fidget cube, but I couldn't find a genuine one - only fakes. Where did you get it, OP.

Lazybeans50 Sat 24-Dec-16 21:55:37

My DS has a tangle in his.

JenLindleyShitMom Sat 24-Dec-16 21:56:15

Thank you both! Yes DS is constantly fiddling and fidgeting and rolling and cartwheeling. He can take 10-15 goes to say a five word sentence as he just cant focus to say it. I'm hoping that they'll help at least for school. I hope he likes them.

Lazybeans50 Sat 24-Dec-16 21:57:43

He won't question why it's there - he just take it out and start fiddling with it! (He's 12 with SEND)

JenLindleyShitMom Sat 24-Dec-16 21:59:44

blacksox this is the one i got. I had no idea there were genuine and fakes! blush I'm assuming mine isn't genuine?

Helenluvsrob Sat 24-Dec-16 22:00:53

Umm my " neurotypical" dc have all had tangles in stocking in the past. They are the absolute epitome of stocking gift - fun , silly , entertaining and a little bit pointless.

My kids loved them. Your ds certainly will and they will be useful to him as well !

LunaLambBhuna Sat 24-Dec-16 22:01:02

I've put a tangle in my son's stocking and didn't think twice. Merry Christmas!

JenLindleyShitMom Sat 24-Dec-16 22:02:53

I had never heard of them before his head teacher suggested them recently.

Blacksox Sat 24-Dec-16 22:05:06

No, that's a fake - but is probably fine. He's too old to put it in his mouth!

Frollyhollyday Sat 24-Dec-16 22:05:41

The genuine ones are not being released until February 2017. So you have bought a fake, however it doesn't mean it doesn't do the job.

I have recently accidentally purchased a fake one and they have not sent me it. I only found out they were fake after contacting fidget cube via Facebook and they told me they haven't actually made any yet. ETA feb 2017!

JenLindleyShitMom Sat 24-Dec-16 22:08:07

Oh this is good to know! I will keep my eye out for the release in Feb.

rexbarks Sat 24-Dec-16 22:44:16

DS (8) has a tangle, a stress ball, one of those bendy men and a couple of liquid timers in his. The Fidget Cube looks great for next year.

youarenotkiddingme Sun 25-Dec-16 09:02:25

That's amazing! Not seen one of them! I'm going to get Ds though!

Lazybeans50 Sun 25-Dec-16 11:39:38

As expected DS loving his tangle

Cagliostro Sun 25-Dec-16 11:41:10

I got the DCs tangles a couple of months back when they were cheap in the works but I would've put them in the stocking if they weren't with me at the time! They are fab.

Tempted by the fidget Cubes.

JenLindleyShitMom Sun 25-Dec-16 12:06:13

Loving them both here too!

deliciousMOISTturkey Sun 25-Dec-16 12:08:58

D2 has a cube in her stocking. Didn't know it was a fake either. But she's 18 so hopefully won't eat it fgrin

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