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So the duck I bought for dinner tonight is actually a goose!

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Greaterthanthesumoftheparts Sat 24-Dec-16 09:51:54

I've never cooked a goose before, it's 3.2 kg, what are your tips?

Maverickismywingman Sat 24-Dec-16 09:52:44

No real tips for cooking it, but use the leftovers for soup stock and you won't regret it fgrin

Greaterthanthesumoftheparts Sat 24-Dec-16 13:24:00

Thanks Maverick

LaundryQueenHatesIroning Sat 24-Dec-16 13:25:29

Excuse my ignorance and jumping on your thread but what is the difference?

Liiinoo Sat 24-Dec-16 13:48:25

You need to prick it all over before you roast it Put it on a trivet or crumpled up tin foil to raise it and then drain the fat that comes off it regularly. You will get a lot of fat! Keep it in a jar or plastic tub in the fridge and use it for making roasties for the next 6 months. Gorgeous.

There isn't a lot of meat on a goose, but you don't need a lot as it is very rich and the crispy skin is delicious. I want goose now.

miwelaisjacydo Sat 24-Dec-16 13:48:35

Treat it like a big duck. Honestly not much different.

Greaterthanthesumoftheparts Sat 24-Dec-16 14:54:03

Thanks Liin I had pricked it and I also thought it didn't have a lot on the breast. It's in now so I'll let you know in a few hours how it goes. We'll be having a traditional English turkey roast tomorrow so I'll use some of the fat for the roasties.

carabos Sat 24-Dec-16 14:56:58

He's just a giant goose. There'll be surprisingly little meat on it. I use Nigel Slater's recipe for duck and adjust the timings. Prick it, cook it over a thick bed of winter veg, sprinkle with thyme. Plenty of seasoning and save the copious amounts of fat.

carabos Sat 24-Dec-16 14:57:15

A giant duck, I meant !

HerodZackHunt Sat 24-Dec-16 15:39:00

Roast it upside down and turn it the right way up about 40 mins before it comes out.
I'm doing goose tomorrow.

longdiling Sat 24-Dec-16 15:42:07

That sounds like the kind of mistake that could work out well! My husband has bought a joint of ready cooked ham instead of the uncooked gammon I wanted for dinner tonight. I am unreasonably pissed off. God know what we'd have ended up with if I sent him out for a duck or goose.

Allalonenow Sat 24-Dec-16 15:44:01

Have a clean jar/bowl ready to put the fat in to.

Allalonenow Sat 24-Dec-16 15:45:40

Ostrich longdiling fgrin

longdiling Sat 24-Dec-16 15:50:29

That would at least be interesting allalone, I reckon he'd probably get chicken nuggets.

MrsTerryPratchett Sat 24-Dec-16 15:53:38

I love goose. Too late now but Gordon Ramsey has a recipe I use most years.

JennyWoodentop Sat 24-Dec-16 16:32:15

I used Delia Smith's recipe for goose with prunes in Armagnac for Christmas one year, it was lovely. She suggests putting the goose on a rack in the roasting tin, that allows you to drain off the fat easily. As others say there will be a lot of fat and surprisingly little meat.

Greaterthanthesumoftheparts Sat 24-Dec-16 16:47:31

Thankfully I bought a new roasting tin with rack in Ikea for the duck, which fits the goose! 11 mins til it comes out to rest and I have to deal with Danish brown sauce (or gravy as we call it!)

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