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Bored of wrapping already

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BlueKarou Sat 24-Dec-16 00:14:29

Left it all a bit last minute - I was working up to yesterday and the boy has been teething and virus-filled so nights haven't been fun.

I've just started - stocking gifts first, and already I'm so over this. I've wrapped some books and a couple of toys. Clothing can just be chucked in the stocking, right? It's more general next-size-up clothes than a gift from Santa.

He's just over 10 months, he doesn't give a shiny Christmas shit about stockings, right?!?

Anyone else in wrapping hell?

Losgunna Sat 24-Dec-16 00:19:14

Yep me too.

I've done about half of it.

It can't even go under the tree as ds is 3 a day will think it's for him. He would either open them or have a melt down because he's not allowed to open them.

So now I have to lug everything upstairs again.

I'm just too bloody tired now so think I'll go to bed and finish it tomorrow.
Bah humbug fenvy

BlueKarou Sat 24-Dec-16 00:25:00

I'm doing the stocking then giving up. Family gifts can be done tomorrow - at least with a 10 month old I can wrap his stuff in front of him/during a nap. Next year I'll have to sort myself out a lot earlier!

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