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Can I prep my veg etc this evening for Christmas Day??

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2anddone Fri 23-Dec-16 18:15:29

Just that really I have an unexpected evening off so I was wondering if I prep the veg and leave in covered saucepans on the hob this evening will they still be ok for Christmas Day? Also the same goes with stuffing, Yorkshire pudding mix and sausages wrapped in bacon? Could I maybe even par boil the potatoes and parsnips and put in the roasting tin ready to roast?? Or should I be grateful for an unexpected evening off and just drink wine fwink

KookSpook Fri 23-Dec-16 18:18:16

Do it now.

Change water on Sunday.

Lilaclily Fri 23-Dec-16 18:19:51

I'd chill and drink wine and do it Christmas morning when kids are playing with their toys

sunshinel Fri 23-Dec-16 18:20:00

I'm planning on doing my veg tomorrow so that it's ready to roast on Christmas Day. I'm wimping out on Yorkshire puds but I reckon you could do both tonight and they would be ok. Not sure about the stuffing or pigs in blankets is a great option also, I'm having one already after doing all the housework 🍷

flapjackfairy Fri 23-Dec-16 20:37:14

All will be fine i have often done this

NoodieRoodie Fri 23-Dec-16 20:47:40

Make the Yorkshire puddings and when they're cool put them in an air tight tin. Shove on a baking tray and into a hot oven on Christmas morning for 10 minutes or so.

Artandco Fri 23-Dec-16 20:54:24

Really? Isn't Christmas dinner just a roast. Just do fresh that morning

raspberryrippleicecream Fri 23-Dec-16 21:01:12

I spent today prepping as we have guests tomorrow and church Christmas morning.

Parboiled roasties in the freezer, carrots and swede chopped in ziploc bags.

peppatax Fri 23-Dec-16 21:04:30

Yorkshire pudding with turkey?! hmm

I'd say night before was okay but wouldn't do 2 nights before as may absorb lots of water. It's not just a roast, it's a special roast on a busy day and nice to be prepared to avoid a panic'

sunshinel Fri 23-Dec-16 21:23:50

I know Yorkshire puds aren't traditional with turkey but if I had the time and the oven space I would do them. Plus it's Christmas so normal rules don't apply:-) agree it's more than just a Sunday roast, it's special, plus you want as much time as possible to be saved in the kitchen so you can greet guests, open presents, drink champagne..🍾

73kittycat73 Sat 24-Dec-16 02:18:42

We have Yorkshire puddings to go with the turkey. Wouldn't be a roast without them! fgrin

Chelazla Sat 24-Dec-16 02:22:46

Of course Yorkshire pudding!!!

Chocolatecake12 Sat 24-Dec-16 08:09:36

I've always prepped my veg the day before, and stuffing and pigs in blankets.
I want to spend my Christmas morning playing with my kids not stuck in the kitchen peeling veg!

Nameforsaken Sat 24-Dec-16 08:48:47

I'm going to prep veg, pig blankets, stuffing, yorkshires & dumplings today. Makes sense

busyrascal Sat 24-Dec-16 09:01:45

I'm planning on chopping/peeling veg and parboiling potatoes tonight so they have time to dry out overnight.
Already made my sausage stuffing which is currently defrosting in the fridge smile
Bought easy-version pigs in blankets from the supermarket so just a case of opening the packet and throwing in the oven tomorrow.

MsJamieFraser Sat 24-Dec-16 09:03:20

My Christmas dinner isn't just a roast.

I always prep the veg on xmas even aand I get the boys to help me, they love it.

I also make the bread sauce and the cranberry sauce and braised red cabbage.

We do 2 types of sprouts, creamed ones and also braised chestnuts, sprouts and apple.

I soak the carrots overnight in honey and orange juice.

Stuffing I make so it all marinated.

Defo prep your veg, so much easier then waiting on the day it's self, only think I would pre - prep is the parsnips as they will go brown.

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