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Hooded Towelling robe

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littlerose12345 Fri 23-Dec-16 15:41:55

Has anyone seen any nice reasonably priced hooded towelling robes?

Looking for one for hubby, I have the Dunelm ones but he wants a hooded one.

Love this but even in the sale I think it's a bit pricey

Randonneur Fri 23-Dec-16 15:50:05

I have that one. It's worth every penny! (Christmas present from dh last year, feel loved every time I wear it!)

FantasticFestiveBeasts Fri 23-Dec-16 16:08:21


A few years ago (three or four) I had a White Co one for Christmas and bought DH this at the same time.

This is so luxurious, makes my White Co one look really cheap and thin.

I have just wrapped a powder blue version for me for Christmas this year fgrin.

Philoslothy Fri 23-Dec-16 16:46:46

TM Maxx tend to have lots of these

Xanadu46 Fri 23-Dec-16 18:20:53

Bought one for dh from joules for christmas

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