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Games for all ages to play on christmas day.

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snozzlemaid Fri 23-Dec-16 07:09:00

Anyone got any ideas for games to play.
I got a brilliant idea from here one year that has now become a tradition for us and would like something else as well.
I'll tell you mine - like I said someone else on mumsnet gets the credit for this, not me...
Fill a sack with lots of presents wrapped. I buy cheap stuff that no-one will want and a few nice things that people will want. (pound shop is a great source for tat).
We take turns in rolling a dice. Anyone who gets a six, picks a present and unwraps it. If you role a one you have to steal a present that someone else has unwrapped. You always end up with the most wanted items being passed around and people trying to persuade you to take their tat.
We all love playing this. From teenagers to grandparents.

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