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Christmas is exhausting!

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KatyBeau Fri 23-Dec-16 01:19:32

Does anyone else find the run up to Christmas exhausting? I feel like, other than sleeping, eating or driving, I haven't sat down and had a break in about 4 weeks and over been up until midnight most nights, then woken by the kids at.

It's the planning, shopping, nativity costumes, writing cards, posting stuff, planning and shopping for food, Christmas parties and meals, house tidying. And this is all on top of the usual!

Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas so much I got married on 20th Dec. I just always get to Christmas Eve and I'm shattered.

There must be done good tips out there to make things easier.

Number one on my list is too do a Christmas budget early on (September) and shop earlier. Ditto with Christmas cards.

BetterEatCheese Fri 23-Dec-16 01:21:30

Was just about to start an identical thread! Exhausted! Dd was born 2 weeks before Christmas too so have had birthday in the mix for the last few years as well

Beyond knackered and also love it but my god I am drained

Xmasbaby11 Fri 23-Dec-16 01:25:55

I'm the same! Love it but will be relieved to have spare time again when it's over.

Both dc have January birthday so I've also had to organise their parties and buy their presents. It's a full on time of year.

BetterEatCheese Fri 23-Dec-16 01:27:11

Feel your pain! Brain is overloaded and I feel like a robot

Bobsmum02 Fri 23-Dec-16 02:24:43

Me too! Wide awake now thinking about things that I still need to do after DH woke me up when he came in from the boys Christmas drinks!!

So much to do tomorrow, every year I promise myself that I'll wrap presents early etc and every year I end up doing it last minute!! Just praying that tesco don't send me a load of substitutes tomorrow!!

oldlaundbooth Fri 23-Dec-16 02:27:50

I'm knackered too and haven't even made that much effort.

Whattodowithaminute Fri 23-Dec-16 03:32:28

Relieved to see that other people feeling the same! Everyone at work telling me how lovely Xmas will be with my children as they are young and excited but they are in a hysterical frenzy following end of school term (nativity, carols, parties, Xmas jumper day, fair) in knackered following from the aforementioned plus all of Xmas shopping wrapping and now hosting guests. Both DH and I have had Xmas parties so out later than normal and oh yes that would be a 4 month old baby I'm holding...

popcornpaws Fri 23-Dec-16 10:44:46

When you take down your christmas cards this year, write them for next year, unsealed but kept in a large zip lock bag or similar.
I done this last year and apart from having to write the odd "new" card it was great, just add stamps, seal and its done.

I also bought a Christmas book from amazon a few year ago that has sections for gifts to buy/bought etc food/menus cards received/sent its great especially with the present section as you can check previous years lists to ensure you don't repeat buy.

delilahbucket Fri 23-Dec-16 18:45:00

Yep! Not sure what I've been running on for the last few weeks. I've been working 7 days a week since the beginning of October. Dp has been dealing with cleaning, washing, cooking etc. I managed the shopping and most of the wrapping. No one has had a card this year as it wasn't high on my priority list! I've done the last of my work this morning and this afternoon I've baked, made decorations, wrapped presents, cooked, cleaned, ironed and done washing! On a plus note I've actually spent time with ds and he's helped lots.
I just want to go to bed and sleep for a week now!

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