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Anyone else not extravagant at Christmas?

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ifonly4 Thu 22-Dec-16 15:43:08

It's really interesting to see what others are buying for kids, what others are eating etc, but some spend so much money (which I'd feel really guilty about) - I genuinely hope you all have a lovely time though.

So what do others do spend, who are a bit more frugal like us:

We tend to spend £60 each on us and DD, £40 on DM and approx £125 on 14 others, so thats approx £285 which sounds a lot to me. Luckily the ones we don't spend much on, tend to spend about the same on us so no pressure.

Food wise I'll be able to stick within my usual £45 budget as I've been buying the odd thing each week, ready to bake bread, pickled onions, stuffing, salmon fillets in freezer, crisps, breadsticks, crackers, four xmas pudds, xmas cake, mincepies etc), brandy sauce cartons and cheeses last week. We are at at BIL's xmas day so don't have to host (but will be taking xmas pudds, brandy sauce x 2, something for DD and a bottle of wine), and we only have Mum for lunch one day and one or two popping in for what I hope is a drink and snack/mincepie.

However, I don't feel we'll go without treats. We already have the above, and will buy things like sausage rolls, scotch eggs, sliced meat, coleslaw, , M&S ready meals for xmas eve (DH thinks theirs are best), potato gratin and veggies to go with salmon on Boxing Day. Will make a veggie curry on the 27th as we always fancy something different then, and have plenty of cans, freezer stuff, pasta and rice to do usual cooking for after the event.

The one thing that has cost extra is alcohol at just over £40, got six bottles while 25% off and DH likes a spirit which is £15.

Bauble16 Thu 22-Dec-16 17:19:46

Looks a great selection for nibbles. I'm way over board but your selection looks yum, Maybe a tin of chocolates though?

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