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Stocking for a 3 yo in bedroom or downstairs?

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foxessocks Thu 22-Dec-16 11:27:08

My favourite part of Christmas when I was little was feeling the weight of my stocking on my feet when I woke up very very early in the morning! My parents did this until we were probably about 10 then they left them outside our doors and then when we were older they were left downstairs. I guess because we started going to bed later / not guaranteed to be asleep when they did it!

Dh says his stocking was always left under the tree with some other wrapped gifts from father Christmas.

So what do you do? And at what age?? Because as she is only 3 I wonder if she does wake up and feel the stocking she will literally get up at whatever time that is...So perhaps corner of her room is better or just downstairs.

SimplyNigella Thu 22-Dec-16 11:45:18

I've been having the same dilemma for the same reasons. DS has a tendency to migrate into our bedroom around 3am and I don't want him to find it then. I think I might put it in a corner of the room where he's not likely to see it in the night and wait for the end of the bed for a few years.

mytinselsinatangle Thu 22-Dec-16 11:46:46

Downstairs without a doubt. We made the mistake of doing it in the bedroom, it's an absolute nightmare trying to take the stocking and then bring it back without waking anyone up.

I have also seen mentioned on here that people buy two of the stockings do you literally just do a switch, but sadly I didn't know about that and I could never get identical stockings now.

chipmonkey Thu 22-Dec-16 11:49:27

As a child our gifts were always under the tree and I have kept up that tradition with our boys. It would be a nightmare having them in the room if you had a child like Wakes-up-at-a-pin-drop ds3!

AnnPerkins Thu 22-Dec-16 11:53:04

I hang it on one of the knobs on DS's chest of drawers. When he wakes up he can see it bulging and presents sticking out the top and wakes us up shouting 'He's been!'

It's my favourite part of Christmas.

Lireal Thu 22-Dec-16 11:55:59

I was thinking of hanging them on the door handles downstairs. (No fireplace).
I want 2yo and 8mo ds to stay asleep as long as possible and then downstairs before the mayhem begins! Next year may be different.

foxessocks Thu 22-Dec-16 12:21:04

mytinsel if it helps my parents used to get me to choose the biggest sock I could find in the house and I would put that on the end of my bed! Then they would switch it for actual stocking and tell me father Christmas is magic and he makes the stocking more festive when he delivers the presents!! I totally believed it smile

foxessocks Thu 22-Dec-16 12:22:39

I think maybe this year I should leave it downstairs so we can maximise sleep! I'm guessing next year she will be so excited she'll wake early anyway so will make no difference but this year whilst she is excited she doesn't fully get it yet.

SatsukiKusakabe Thu 22-Dec-16 12:30:33

I like them to have stockings upstairs as it's only that and another gift that is from FC so it separates it from the other gifts from family under the tree downstairs.

However I asked ds where he would like it and he said door handle the last couple of years, this year he has said end of the bed, bravely fgrin it is tricky filling it but all part of the fun too imo. We read Alfie's Christmas and his little sister starts opening her stocking in the night and it's made clear how pleased Alfie is he waited till the morning.

I too love hearing the excited shout as soon as he wakes up then him bundling in with it.

My ds is three this year and more aware and also comes in with us a lot so might leave it outside her door.

FoxInABox Thu 22-Dec-16 15:07:17

We put our DCs outside their door whilst they were small, now they go at the end of the bed, so they won't catch it with their feet but it's still magical to find it there in the morning. I love opening our stockings together, all on our bed, first thing before going downstairs. It gives us a chance to wake up!

BelafonteRavenclaw Thu 22-Dec-16 15:26:01

My childhood stocking was purely for decoration and hung off the fire. DH used to hang his on his bedroom door. We've put DCs stockings on their beds. When they were little they used to bring them into us to open. Now they just open them as soon as they wake and compare. Even though I don't get to see them open them anymore I know they love waking up to find them. I also like to hear them squeal with delight as they know santa has been.

AndNoneForGretchenWieners Thu 22-Dec-16 15:27:42

Outside the bedroom door - empty stocking hung on door handle at bed time then returned full when we go to bed.

BlueKarou Thu 22-Dec-16 15:43:44

This year, (he's 10 1/2 months) it'll be under the tree, and will probably be under the tree for the next few years. When he's older - 3 or 4 I'll start popping it at the foot of his bed so he can open the presents before coming out and waking me up!

Foxsox Thu 22-Dec-16 16:19:47

We hang on the fireplace
DD is scared of the idea that DC will go upstairs so we go with her wishes
Plus both of mine aren't all night sleepers
So as much as I'd love the end of bed idea, we go for fireplace.
Though I did wonder about putting them in our room but i think fireplace is best for now

JellyWitch Thu 22-Dec-16 16:23:33

We have hung the stockings under the mantelpiece downstairs from the beginning. DS woke a lot at night (still does age 7) and we didn't want him finding it until morning.

As it happens he hates the idea of strange magical folk in his bedroom while he's asleep (tooth fairy for example) so I think it would have caused anxiety had we gone with the bedroom option.

dementedpixie Thu 22-Dec-16 16:26:01

Ours are hung on the outside of the bedroom door when the kids go to bed. When filled they were left outside the bedrooms at the side of the door and then they tended to bring them through to us to empty

Bluntness100 Thu 22-Dec-16 16:28:15

Always at the foot of her bed, total pain having to sneak in in the middle of the night with it, but totally worth it. . I actually only started putting it at her bedroom door about two years ago, she's 19! However now it's easier as I wake up before her, so can just run upstairs with it first thing before she wakes up. 😂

Juanbablo Fri 23-Dec-16 05:51:31

Downstairs. We've bred a tiny army of terrible sleepers and they all share a bedroom so Santa leaves the presents downstairs or there would be 3am carnage!

I was a terrible sleeper and always had my sack downstairs, probably for the same reason.

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