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Hospices for Christmas number one! At number 33 and climbing....

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KateXland Wed 21-Dec-16 21:30:31

I work at St Joseph's Hospice, in Hackney (I also have a 4year old who just did her first nativity and was an amazing understudy and I got to watch, work/life balanced acheived for that day phew)
We got together with 17 other hospices to record a Christmas single- 'The Living Years' by the London Hospices Choir. The link to buy is:


We are at number 33 and climbing... but we need your help!
More info below if you want it

But why should you do this? Well, the money raised will support the hospices involved. But that's not really the point. The real point is to use the all the media exposure to increase awareness of hospice services, and to get more long term supporters. As many of you know, the charity-run hospice sector works closely with the NHS. And as NHS budgets get cut, so do ours via commissioning. At the moment most hospices are 30% NHS funded 70% fundraising. But that's likely to change. The sad truth is we need to fund raise even more.

Want another reason? Well, we have been trying for 6 weeks to get airplay on national radio. But the way the media/music business machine works meant we needed to get on certain playlists. And we didn't, for complicated reasons. So this is Power to the People time.

And why should you do it? Well, we need to sell 3000 a day to stay in the charts. Closer to 10,000 for any chance at number one. There are 200,000 doctors in the UK. And there are only 3 days before the chart is announced. So if all of you who read this, buy it, tweet it, post it....we might have a chance

More links to buy (I seem to be struggling to get them to come up as hyperlinks sorry).
But on amazon/iTunes/HMV as 'The Living Years' London Hospices Choir
And see here:

KateXland Wed 21-Dec-16 22:01:26

Argh I cut and paste this (sorry but it's true....) from another site and the bit near the end 'there are 200,000 doctors...' is meant to say about how many mums there are on this site. Not doctors. All the rest makes sense I hope. Sorry.

Multi-tasking fail. And I was feeling on top of things til then.

WingedSloath Thu 22-Dec-16 14:16:13

Bumping back to the top of Christmas thread for you grin good luck. My friend works in a hospice. Amazing work you do.

KateXland Thu 22-Dec-16 16:51:55

Thank you! And merry Christmas xx

starsinyourpies Thu 22-Dec-16 18:33:25

I support one of the hospices who took part in this and have purchased! Good luck!

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