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Be honest - how many times have you amended your online Christmas shop?

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Chottie Wed 21-Dec-16 06:00:58

My online shop can be amended unto mid morning today and I've just amended it (again!). I just find it incredibly hard to estimate how much people will eat!. Please reassure me I am not alone fsmile

ThomasHardyPerennial Wed 21-Dec-16 06:03:22

Loads, and it's just me and Dh at home this year! grin

PlumsGalore Wed 21-Dec-16 06:05:01

Twice so far, BUT, I will be logging on again today to check it and any price granges, special offers, availability etc

handsfree Wed 21-Dec-16 06:11:14

Too many to count! I booked the delivery slot end of November and go into it most days shock it's due on Friday.

PUGaLUGS Wed 21-Dec-16 06:22:14

Bloody loads and I have got fed up of it now. Mine is being delivered tonight so that's it now if I have forgotten something it's tough!

MrsPnut Wed 21-Dec-16 06:24:58

About 16 times since I booked it back in October, I've just added another £20 worth of stuff including toilet rolls.

FreeButtonBee Wed 21-Dec-16 06:28:07

Oh loads of times. Ignoring the one click additions (when I add one offs) probably 10 times.

CiderwithBuda Wed 21-Dec-16 06:33:17

Once. It was delivered on Monday. I'm going to buy turkey and ham this morning and DH is getting veg and fresh stuff tomorrow and we are done. Only three of us for Xmas though and we go away on the 28th.

Disraeli Wed 21-Dec-16 06:47:20

Loads. But I amend my regular weekly shop loads too. I'll be twitching right up until my Thursday night deadline.

Heatherbell1978 Wed 21-Dec-16 06:50:14

Almost every day!! Booked it in November with just a few items and added to it almost daily....just found out we're hosting Boxing Day too so have had to amend again!

ExcellentWorkThereMary Wed 21-Dec-16 06:51:21

Pretty much everyday since I booked the slot in November.

SimplyNigella Wed 21-Dec-16 07:24:49

Constantly, Ocado one click additions are dangerous. Mine came yesterday with no substitutions so I was happy.

ClashCityRocker Wed 21-Dec-16 07:34:00

Daily for me - booked in November.

I'm braving the fucking shops next year, I think it might be less hassle!

Last chance has gone now though, thank god. I'll be most perturbed if there's loads of substitutions/missing items and I have to go to the shops anyway.

I've spent more than I do when I go shopping, too. I'm not good at visualising stuff so think I've over-bought.

loobylou10 Wed 21-Dec-16 07:46:52

About a dozen times! So glad you lot are all the same

ofudginghell Wed 21-Dec-16 07:48:21

Oh my I'm so glad it's not just me confused
Ii booked my slot and placed a small order in November as we were invited out for xmas lunch but still wanted some of the nice xmas treats at home
I ordered a small veg selection all in nice sauces for in between xmas and new year.
Then the plan changed so I ramped up the order to feed 12.
Then it changed again so I ramped it down abut but still with added extras
Last night the plan changed again. confused
Anything not on the order now and fresh bits il pick up on Friday.
What a nightmare confused

WhoKn0wsWhereTheMistletoes Wed 21-Dec-16 07:49:55

I ignored it for the first month or so (trolley was full of cat food) and then started tweaking it around the start of December, every couple of days at first then every coupke of hours in the last few days It came last night (turkey and veg will come on Saturday ftom Riverford, so this was all the non-perishable stuff and things that can go in the freezer for a few days). Last night was the last date for free delivery. Will still be popping to the supermarket this week, but only for odds and ends so I can go early/late and avoid the crowds.


And because of this thread off to do it again😀

poisonedbypen Wed 21-Dec-16 07:51:06

Guilty here too. My deadline was 11.30 last night & overnight I remembered 2 more items! Darn. Have to go & collect the turkey anyway...

SymphonyofShadows Wed 21-Dec-16 07:51:24

I changed mine about four times yesterday alone. It's coming tonight so I am intending to leave it alone now. I have opted for no substitutions but I do have a few days to get anything that's missing. It's mainly household stuff and booze anyway.

ScrappyMalloy Wed 21-Dec-16 08:00:35

To have tweaked and tweaked it. The menu remains the same over the three days but we are trying to eat more healthily this year and getting the balance right when the DC are teens/young adults who love to scoff, is tricky.

Many many times the Pringles have been in and out of my basket grin

RoseDog Wed 21-Dec-16 08:09:41

Just once but I do have a list to add to it, I filled it with Christmas goodies not thinking we might actually need 'normal' stuff hmm

Kirriemuir Wed 21-Dec-16 08:13:32

Twice. It's due tomorrow so I have today to amend again.

HeddaGabbler Wed 21-Dec-16 08:16:36

Not once! I will do tomorrow though. And then it's due on Xmas eve.

BernardsarenotalwaysSaints Wed 21-Dec-16 08:20:43

4 times. I've taken off more than I've added because I went through the cupboards properly. It's coming this afternoon.

Jackiebrambles Wed 21-Dec-16 08:23:32

About 500 I reckon. My cut off was last night at 11pm. I looked at my watch at 11.15 and was mildly panicked at not being able to add any more!!

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