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Seeing Mum at Xmas, any other ideas?

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ifonly4 Tue 20-Dec-16 15:25:15

Mum has come to us 18/21 x for Christmas. This year she said I needed a rest and she wouldn't be coming. This coincided with an invite from BIL a couple of days before, which I told her about immediately and said if she wasn't coming we should really go there.

I'm taking her to the cemetery xmas eve no matter what, so invited her to come to church in afternoon and sleepover, with us dropping her off around noon next day. She doesn't want to do that as she supposedly won't have time to cook her xmas steak for 2/3pm - the time she wants to eat. I've invited her all day Boxing Day or to stay over and she just won't give me an answer - obviously doesn't want to come I guess.

She won't be seeing anyone else - she's upset most of family and won't let friends get close.

She isn't the easiest person, very opinionated, has to be the centre of attention, drives us up the wall if I'm being honest, but at the same time is very generous with presents and she does care. For the latter two reasons I don't expect just to take her presents and run.

Any ideas what else I can suggest.

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