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What does your Christmas Eve, Christmas day & Boxing day look like?

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JingleMum Mon 19-Dec-16 20:48:49

For me, this year it is -

C.Eve - Up around 6.45am, last min cleaning, relax with a coffee & some chocolates blush watch the animation "Father Christmas" with DD. Make Jamie Oliver's epic hot chocolate and then get dressed. Track Santa throughout the day. Meet friends at our local pub (They have a family fun day with mulled wine, carol singers etc) Home to bath DD, hot turkey & stuffing barms, watch Carol's from Kings, Snowman/We're going on a bear hunt, sprinkle reindeer dust, drink bucks fizz, put DD to bed and then a bit later on I meet friends & go to midnight mass (DP stays home with DD)

C.Day - Up early, open presents, have an indulgent breakfast, Christmas music on and have a relaxing morning. Meet family at a restaurant for Christmas dinner at 3pm. Home by 6pm for an M&S buffet, alcohol & Christmas telly.

Boxing Day - Full English breakfast, dressed and out for a wintery walk, stop by the pub at 12pm for an hour. Home, inlaws coming for a buffet & drinks late afternoon.

NotTodaySatan Mon 19-Dec-16 20:58:11

Christmas Eve - last minute shopping. I'll make my homemade wheaten bread to go with the prawns and smoked salmon starter on the day. Will also slow cook the ham. Ex will come over and we'll walk to the not so local pub enjoying the Christmas lights at all the houses as we walk. Come home and have dinner, put the DC to bed and sort the presents while drinking whiskey. He'll stay over.

Christmas Day - Up. Presents. Breakfast (scrambled eggs with toasted brioche). We'll take Ddog for a big walk in the woods. Come home and I'll start cooking (and drinking cava) while Ex plays with the DC and their new toys. Dinner around 4-5pm. Coma around 7pm.

Boxing Day - Ex takes the DC to visit his family in another city. I spend the day watching trashy telly, eating Christmas dinner sandwiches and drinking lovely delicious booze.

I realise it's not the norm as we don't see any family etc but that's purely down to logistics and tbh it suits me just fine fsmile

JingleMum Mon 19-Dec-16 21:01:51

It sounds lovely!! Some years we don't see much of family either, but it's a bit different this year as everyone was fed up of cooking so it was suggested we all meet up for Christmas day lunch. It'll probably be a one off.

Dionysuss Mon 19-Dec-16 21:09:39

Christmas Eve- baking gingerbread and mince pies in the morning with DC. I'll prep some food.
Panto in the afternoon and pick up a takeaway on the way home. DC paint pillowcases to hang up for Santa. Wait until they're asleep to drag presents out.

Christmas morning- DC open Santa presents on our bed. Go downstairs have pastries and hot chocolate whilst opening presents under the tree. Try to get dressed before guests arrive. Dinner eaten once it's cooked, laid back timings. Sit down playing games all afternoon.

Boxing Day- get up early to try to tackle the huge mess. This year we're going to Disney on ice.

Poppiesway Mon 19-Dec-16 21:15:59

I have my works Xmas party Friday and have put my foot down about not drinking too much.. have so much to do Xmas eve..
last minute shopping bits (will have worked 14 days in a row and no time to have been shopping yet)
The dc and I are staying home for our own Xmas lunch The going to my db and dsil with my parents for tea.
Boxing Day they will all come to mine for tea. I'm still not decided on doing a buffet type tea or sausages and mash with onion gravy.

I then don't have to go back to work till 5th Jan so very much looking forward to some time off with my dc this year

tighterthanscrooge Mon 19-Dec-16 21:16:22

Christmas Eve- last minute tidying then off to MILs for a few days! It'll be take away for dinner followed by cakes
Christmas Day- we are eating out for the first time this year, DDs are both young so no fixed routine on xmas day just playing with new toys and out on DDs new scooter if no rain
Boxing Day- MIL is having everyone over for a meal and exchange of more presents
27th- back home to normality!

RJnomore1 Mon 19-Dec-16 21:20:37

Christmas Eve: up and last minute cleaning. Dh working at 11. Me and girls visit my best friend and god daughter. They're away for Christmas Day this year so god daughter gets to open presents with us (she is 18 but I'm still excited lol)

Gym to train then greggs for traditional Christmas Eve crap lunch, showers and bake. Meet dh at 7 from work and go see Star Wars. Home for food and a couple of drinks.

Christmas Day: up and open presents. Breakfast of pancakes and bacon and Buck's Fizz. Mother in law may or may not appear. Watch a new DVD then out for lunch at 3.30. Walk home watch more tv have a few drinks play a board game.

Dh working Boxing Day. Take it reasonably easy here getting prepped for dd1s 17th birthday on the 27th. Try to eat some fruit and salad 😂

OhMrsQ Mon 19-Dec-16 21:20:46

Wow they all sound lovely! Making me homesick.

I'm working Christmas Eve, surfing Christmas day, and having dinner with friends.

Not quite the same!

dirtyprettything Mon 19-Dec-16 21:21:07

CEve - collect Turkey & meats from butcher. Cook Turkey.
Crib service. Home for hot chocolate & muppets Christmas carol.
Midnight mass for DH

Xmas Day
Mass in the morning followed by prezzies. Xmas dinner at 3.
Champagne, wine, sherry.

Boxing Day
Long walk with dog, read books, play with kid's presents, relax.

elQuintoConyo Mon 19-Dec-16 21:22:31

C. Eve: chill, walk the dog, tidy a bit, walk the dog again, hit the Christmas Log so he shits gifts, watch Christmas film, read Christmas book, sleep.

C. Day: open stockings on our bed, have breakfast, walk the dog, open pressies and have a light picky lunch stocking chocolates play with new toys, take dog for a walk, start preparing dinner, have in-laws over about 6, start eating at 7, play/films, bed.

Boxing Day: nowt special. Chill, play with toys, more dog walks grin

JustCallMeKate Mon 19-Dec-16 21:23:13

Christmas Eve the DC/DIL's/SIL's DCG are coming for a late buffet lunch and to collect their Santa sacks We'll have a couple of drinks and they normally leave around 4/5pm to get the wee ones home and settled. DH and I spend the rest of the evening with more fizz and an evening buffet.

Christmas Day we have a lazy morning and weather dependant I may go riding. We're out for dinner at 2pm and home around 5pm for a few drinks.

We're hosting 40 people on Boxing Day so will both be cooking most of the morning for them arriving at 2pm.

ChippyMinton Mon 19-Dec-16 21:25:02

C.Eve - pick up orders from the shops. Prep tomorrow's dinner. 6pm mass. Crispy duck supper. Watch a movie or play games. DC leave out Santa refreshments. Snooze on sofa until DC are asleep.

C.Day - open stockings upstairs. Down for presents and breakfast. DC go outdoor swimming fhmm, Family drop in for brunch. Dinner about 3pm. More presents, games. Turkey, ham, sandwiches, cheeseboard etc.

Boxing Day - pyjama day. Cold Xmas pud for breakfast, catch up on tv, more leftovers, games, maybe a walk.

OhYouBadBadKitten Mon 19-Dec-16 21:25:13

Christmas eve I'll pick up the turkey and a couple of bits. Then in the afternoon listen to the Carols from Kings while doing the food prep for Christmas day. In the evening we will watch a movie, followed by walking down to Midnight Mass.

Christmas day, we will be up fairly late as we won't have been to bed til around 2:30. Stockings, breakfast, presents, then bumble about the kitchen. At some point dinner will appear. Doctor Who will also feature. Then board games til bedtime.

Boxing day?? maybe a walk, or not. A gentle chilling day, perhaps with my new ps4 game if I can prize dd away from the playstation.

RealHouswifeofBury Mon 19-Dec-16 21:25:38

Christmas Eve working till 7pm
Christmas Day at dd1 as she dose not have to work this year.
Boxing Day working till 7 pm

DeleteOrDecay Mon 19-Dec-16 21:35:33

Christmas Eve will be spent at home, Christmas films on throughout the day along with some tidying and food prep for the next day.

Christmas Day at home again. The usual stockings, presents etc. Pancakes for breakfast. Big dinner at around 4/5pm. Lots of chocolate will be consumed.

Boxing Day we go to my grandparents where we will spend the day with the rest of the family (parents, aunts, uncles cousins etc). There will be another Christmas dinner.

I love Christmas and I can't waitgrin

Frouby Mon 19-Dec-16 21:37:27

Christmas Eve
I will blitz through the house quickly while dp picks up the turkey. I will probably keep dcs with me as 3 yo ds is ridiculously hard work shopping atm. Then once everything sorted food and house wise we will walk around the lake with the dog, then have costa coffees afterwards. Or call at the pub on the way home. Then just a chilling day with picky stuff for tea.

Christmas day. Up early no doubt. Open and play with presents. Tidy around, assemble various toys and bacon butties. Visit my mum for an hour or 2.

Then we have our dinner about 4pm. Just us. After dinner we will graze mindlessly in chocolates and Christmas food and have a few drinks. Probably gin for me and lager for dp.

Boxing day DD (12) spends with my mum doing craft stuff and generally making a mess. So I will drop her off, spend an hour or 2 there seeing sisters and various family members as they call in, then come home with ds and we might wander down to the pub. Or we might just chill at home. Boxing day tea is always left over turkey, chips, peas and various pickles.

I am so looking forward to Christmas. We have had a bit of a rough time of it lately with family illnesses and so on. And it's been a tough year work wise too for DP. Ds is now old enough to understand santa and presents and loves us all being together. Dd is just on the cusp of being a teenage diva but is still excited and still wants to believe in santa (even tho she doesn't) so it will be lovely.

And at the ripe old age of 39 I have realised that it doesn't matter if the house isn't immaculate, that no one really notices if I make posh gravy or get a jar of M and S stuff and that it doesn't matter if our Christmas is quiet as long as it's what makes us happy.

It was a bit of a revelation that I don't have to make my own mince pies and Christmas cake, that if I can't find the fancy tablecloth or I don't have matching wine glasses or serve a prawn cocktail in a cereal bowl.

I had a newborn this time 3 years ago. And things were just as good with the stressy bits left.

Foxsox Mon 19-Dec-16 21:39:08

These all sounds so lovely .

I'm Hoping this year is our last at trawling around visiting. I'm ready for christmas at home.

Ours looks like this;

Wake up with the kids between 7&8 gentle morning, pastries for breakfast, christmas eve hamper for kids, bake gingerbread together, eat a yummy lunch, (roast the ham early on) , crib service in the afternoon followed by hot chocolate and the biscuit selection, track Santa, buffet tea, sprinkle reindeer food, watch Muppet Chritsmas Carol, look for Father Christmas, christmas Pj's on, plate out for FC, hang stockings then kids in bed with the traditional 'Twas the night before christmas.
Finish off eating the buffet tea, drink some fizz, eat more cheese and chocolates. Gifts out. Bedtime.

Up with the lark, downstairs with the kids for stockings and presents which will take a while and then it's time for some delicious breakfast, pastries, brioche, Buck's Fizz (for me) mmmm. Time to play and then get into our festive clothes to head to my family (this is the bit I hope we can alter next year) more presents, lunch, festive games, lots of laughs and running around for the kids (I'd like to make this happen on Boxing Day next year) then home for the ray of the buffet tea (if needed) bedtime and Christmas TV.

Up for more pastries for breakfast (running theme) then off to inlaws for christmas round two.
Lots of food wine and festivities, more presents, games and being waited on.
It's a lovely few days and I cant wait.

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