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Has anyone bought the Asda George wooden dolls house?

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Moxiechick Mon 19-Dec-16 13:34:46

My dm has sent up the asda doll house for my dd who is 3. Does anyone know if it's tricky to build? Was just wondering whether to put it up Xmas eve night or to do it a day or too before when I have more time and hide it somewhere.

HumptyDumptyBumpty Mon 19-Dec-16 13:37:55

Yes, and sorry to say, it broke really fast. I did pre-build, it's not the worst thing in the world to build, it's pretty simple.

Moxiechick Mon 19-Dec-16 13:43:22

Argh no! How did it break? Good to know the set up is simple though. Thanks smile

babyapril Mon 19-Dec-16 13:47:16

We had it about 4 years ago. It didn't last very well. The doors came away from the hinges almost straight away. My daughter still played with it - it just wasn't good quality.

TheWrathFromHighAtopTheThing Mon 19-Dec-16 14:01:40

It took aaaaages to build and still managed to not hold together very well. I just sent it to the skip!

HelloYellowMellow Mon 19-Dec-16 14:04:29

Ahh no I've bought this for dd's 3rd birthday on Thursday sad I thought it looked really nice.

Bagina Mon 19-Dec-16 14:07:21

We've had ours a couple of years. Bits are hanging off but it does look really nice and they do still play with it. It's still a lovely present but might be a bit temporary!

babyapril Mon 19-Dec-16 14:10:22

I agree it looks lovely...and strangely enough, it looks good quality confused
I wouldn't worry if you have already bought it, as l said - my daughter still used it for a good few years.
then it became a useful dumping place

HelloYellowMellow Mon 19-Dec-16 14:13:26

I've just looked on the website and it has consistently good reviews so I feel a bit better now!

Afreshstartplease Mon 19-Dec-16 14:17:36

We got one last year, wasn't too bad to put together and stick in perfect condition! Kept downstairs and played with regularly. A couple of pieces of furniture broke but not the actual house

Bee182814 Mon 19-Dec-16 14:18:38

Definitely put up the night before! In laws have it at their house. After being battered and climbed on by 5 grandchildren over the past few years its still standing strong. The boys spend hours playing with it. My DS looks forward to going there so he can play with it!

kezmarie Mon 19-Dec-16 14:19:09

My sister bought it for my 3yo niece last Christmas. Really easy to put together and it's lasted all year with a 3yo & my 18m nephew pulling at the doors, window and roof all year. It seems to have lasted!
Good quality for the money.

idratherbeonthebeach Mon 19-Dec-16 14:19:21

We've had ours 3 years, it's in great condition and well played with. DH wall papered the walls to jazz it up a bit. For the price it's a great toy.

Muddlingalongalone Mon 19-Dec-16 14:20:22

We've had it for 2 years now and whilst it doesn't get heavy usage Dd2 is a bit of a brute and it's still in decent nick
I think it took about 2hrs to put together

OrigamiOverload Mon 19-Dec-16 17:05:54

We got this last Christmas and I'm surprised by all the people saying it broke easily, ours is still going strong, but I guess it's only been a year!

Definitely assemble before wrapping, it would have had more impact had it already been assembled and would have stopped DH spending the best part of an hour asking the kids to leave him alone while he put it together on Christmas morning.

Kefybaby Mon 19-Dec-16 18:01:52

It took a bit of time to build (DH was not a happy bunny on Christmas Eve...) but it has lasted really well. We have had it for 4 years now and it has been played with quite a bit by 2 DC.

Musicinthe00ssucks Mon 19-Dec-16 18:05:51

I bought the big one with lights for my daughter's 3rd birthday in November. She absolutely loved it and it seems pretty durable to me. Both DDs (5&3) play with it all the time. It was easy to put together but very heavy, so took two of us.

FrankAndBeans Mon 19-Dec-16 18:40:26

Definitely assemble beforehand but ours has lasted amazingly well.

leccybill Mon 19-Dec-16 23:12:27

Yep ours has been fine too, after 2 years. One of the flowerpot catches snapped off but it's still sturdy.
It's a lovely house.

HumptyDumptyBumpty Mon 19-Dec-16 23:28:39

Yup, hinges went, and several flowerpot 'catches' too. Asda were massive massive dicks about replacing, too. It was, however, easy to put together and v pretty while it lasted!

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