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Accessories for whiskey drinkerd

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Fantail Sun 18-Dec-16 17:36:53

DB & DSIL are hip young things who love whiskey & have a large selection at home. Money is very tight this year so I am cooking a lot of the presents to give.

DB & DSIL are getting a hamper of goodies to nibble on with their chosen tipple of an evening:

- savoury popcorn
- nut brittle
- savoury & sweet roasted nuts

But I want something to buy to go along side.

They also like retro stuff.

Fantail Sun 18-Dec-16 17:37:17

Or whiskey drinkers even

SolomanDaisy Sun 18-Dec-16 17:42:35

You can get whisky stones which keep whisky at the right temperature without watering it down. They're cheap!

Breagha85 Sun 18-Dec-16 17:52:49

Whisky drinker here - I'd hate to get whisky stones. Whisky is not supposed to be cold as a lot of the flavour is down to smell, which is inhibited at low temperatures.

What about a whisky angel from a Scottish company called Angels Share? Or there's a company makes sets of two glencairn glasses on a wooden base - the wooden base being made from old whisky barrels.

Fantail Sun 18-Dec-16 17:57:31

Yup have never had ice added.

What's a whisky angel?

magicstar1 Sun 18-Dec-16 17:59:56

Very dark chocolate too. DH goes to Whiskey Live every year and they give samples with different foods...they highly recommend dark chocolate

Fantail Sun 18-Dec-16 18:03:17

Oh, good idea, I will get some of that too

Autumnchill Sun 18-Dec-16 18:06:55

As a whisky drinker I like a nice glass but appreciate money is tight as how about something like a whisky barrel tea light holder. We went to Deanston Distillery recently and they were selling them

Breagha85 Sun 18-Dec-16 18:27:03

The Angels share is the whisky that evaporates from the barrel.

The company do a dram inside a glass angel (you can add a personalised message) as a nod to this.

shakemysilliesout Sun 18-Dec-16 18:33:35

I got some whisky lip balm off ebay

Fantail Sun 18-Dec-16 18:38:58

Oh cool, I will look into that

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