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Charities for Christmas

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HarHer Sun 18-Dec-16 07:59:29


Many members of my family are under significant financial pressure. Added to that, we have a very complex situation in our immediate family and we need, above all things, a little 'peace and goodwill' to get through.
So, this is the second Christmas where we are totally avoiding the commercial Christmas.

This year we have put together some boxes of groceries and charged up the energy sticks for our struggling family members and my eldest son will come for lunch and tea, then we will go for a family bike ride (this is something that will continue on Sundays when he moves to his supported lodgings).

However, my youngest (15 years old) wants to do something proactive for other people at Christmas time. Does anyone have any ideas about something a boy of his age can do? Most charities seem to have age restrictions for the sort of hands-on work he would like?

MTWTFSS Sun 18-Dec-16 08:21:30

Not all families can afford Christmas decorations. Could he make some hand made decorations, then perhaps a food bank could give them out smile

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