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Does anyone else just hate the pressure of Xmas

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sammyjayneex Sat 17-Dec-16 12:50:37

I'm feeling the pressure of Xmas and I do hate it. I have loads left to buy, I've not bought anything for my family members yet... and I've only bought 2 things for my kids each so far as money is an issue. I'm finding it harder getting my older girls 9-10 something because they are at 'that age' where you just don't know what's right for them at that age. I have got them some new trainers they wanted and some books so far.. I was gonna get them an iPod shuffle as well because I just don't know what else to get them... they wanted a laptop but it's way out of my budget when I've looked into it. I wasn't able to save all year round or prepare beforehand. I feel bad. My youngest who are 4 and 5 are so easy to buy for because they are into dolls and all that so I can make no mistake with them but the older they get the harder it gets and the more expensive it gets! They had an iPad mini two years previous to that and a Nintendo DS so they've had all the 'big' things. A week before Xmas and I'm stressing about presents when I want it to just be about the day. To top it off I have one of my youngest turning 6 on the 29th December.

MTWTFSS Sat 17-Dec-16 16:41:37

Next year make sure all adult gifts are done via secret Santa so you only have to buy one smile

Chelazla Sat 17-Dec-16 21:58:00

What about a second hand laptop as a joint gift?

Revealall Sat 17-Dec-16 22:44:01

You still have a week so even time to get things online still. List of people and budget. Anyone who can have a voucher - do that. Then spend a day at the shops. You'll get it all and everything is in the sale now too.

Have a look on here for what people are getting their 9 and 10 year old girls. If you can't find a suitable laptop, lots of little presents that will spoil them on the day and give them something to open.

It will be fine. It's probably better doing it last minute as it gets . you haven't spent weeks getting cross because prices keep going down or you see something better than what you bought way back in October.

Yoarchie Sat 17-Dec-16 22:45:52

Tell these adults you cannot afford presents for them.
What sort of adult person wants to put another person under financial pressure for a Christmas present?

Blueflowers2011 Sun 18-Dec-16 10:45:16

I am feeling it and stressing about it now. I have bought the children most but not all of their things. And I have everybody else left, mum, dad, brother and family, other children, host present, OH present etc.

Seriously, how do people get the time to go shopping. Either I am working or I am with the children. Done what I can online but need to see for certain people.

To top it all I have been ill with flu symptoms (tho not flu luckily) for the last 3 days and I have an odd pain under my left rib cage. I have the day booked off tomorrow as annual leave and if this thing does not go away it looks like I will have to go to A&E to get it sorted. Stressed or what. I hate it all, such a shame, should not be like this.

dreamingofsun Sun 18-Dec-16 11:01:26

work out what is stressing you most and then do something about it. if its too late to sort it for this year, make sure you do it for next. So if its present buying or lack of money, don't buy presents for adults (too late this year to change, well make sure they know you aren't doing it next year).

can you shop online, or is it now too late? Another thing to remember for next year.

I'm not spending much on kids this year (the are teenagers). they have been forwarned. they will mainly get money as they are so broke.

Key thing is to work out where most of your stress is and focus on sorting that. I think its called can apply it to a lot of things in life

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