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This is what I it impossible?

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theredlion Fri 16-Dec-16 22:00:45

If anyone can help DP then it's you lot!

I've had a look around and I'm not sure what I want is available anywhere.
This is not a joke.

What I, a fully grown, middle aged, adult woman want for Christmas more than anything other than an end to Wars and hunger and all that is a bat signal projector.
I want it to project a bat signal onto my bedroom ceiling.

DP has confessed he's found small ones but I'd like the projection as it appears on the ceiling to be at least 2m wide.
I don't mind if it's the older style bat signal or a new style one.

To get you in the mood Batman dancing

Can anyone find one?

wonderingsoul Fri 16-Dec-16 22:04:03

I have seen these... ill have a look

LeadPipe Fri 16-Dec-16 22:09:13

It can't be impossible! There must be a MNer who can come to the rescue.

(It won't be me though.)

wonderingsoul Fri 16-Dec-16 22:09:15

Ok i found two... this one doesnt go on your walls. Its actually for your car.. when you open the door it projects on to the ground... but i imagine you got set it to your wall?

wonderingsoul Fri 16-Dec-16 22:11:50

Im not sure how big these are?

wonderingsoul Fri 16-Dec-16 22:15:18

Thats a pic from the second link..
Looks like it shows up big

TiggeryBear Fri 16-Dec-16 23:35:39

Any good?

DC Comics Batman Official Bat Signal Emblem Projector Desk Mood Night Light

theredlion Sat 17-Dec-16 07:04:43

Thank you grin

I'd seen the Amazon one, it's the same as the one on Men Kind, the difference is that the Men Kind one shows you the size and style of the projection. When you can see it that's what I want, so thank you everyone.

You are brilliant.

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