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Share what you've got your DCs here

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Featherhead Fri 16-Dec-16 21:46:07

I love the threads where we list presents! Makes me feel happy to think of all the lucky excited DCs on xmas morning. Anyone who has finished care to share?

My list for DD (5):

Playmobil school and playground
Star and moon projector
Shopkins happy places set
Hot air balloon pyjamas
Angry birds DVD
Secret life of pets bubble bath set
Books- the storm whale in winter, the detective dog, the enormous crocodile, sticker dressing dollies
Nail varnish and nail stickers
Giant colouring poster and pens

Stocking chocs, bubbles, bouncy ball etc.

MaryPoppinsPenguins Sat 17-Dec-16 00:05:50

DD1 -

Chocolate lolly Maker
Lego dimensions
Mr Frosty
Stuffed Unicorn
Unicorn snow globe
Sweets & PJ's

DD2 -

Sofia Castle
Art stuff
Craft set
Little mermaid play set

We usually buy much more, but we've moved into a fixer upper and have no space. And actually, they usually get bored of opening stuff and it all gets forgotten by Boxing Day. I am worried it's not very equal though...

Uptownfuckuup Sat 17-Dec-16 00:11:52


Lego dimensions
Guiness book of records
Circuit making kit
Tiny knex kit
Remote control car
Pie face
Wobble deck
Science kit
Small stocking filler gifts
Plasma ball


Lego duplo
Play doh
Imaginext bat cave
Dinosaur play set
Leap frog preschool
Ninja turtle half shell hero
Transformers play set
Paw patrol play set
Captain America
Small stocking filler gifts

Foxsox Sat 17-Dec-16 00:34:37

DD (7)
American girl
num Noms lipgloss truck
Our generation dolls clothes
Tsum tsum set of rubbers
Smiggle pencil case and stationery set
Lego friends set
Fairy door
Doggy doo
Designa friends wardrobe and clothes set
Pom Pom maker
Stocking with hair brush set, bubble bath,crafts, book, crayons, choc and Shopkins happy places doll

Paw patrol air patroller
Thomas track set
JCB mini digger set
Toy helicopter that flies
Ride on police push along bike (thingy)
Blaze race game
Paw patrol bedding
plus stocking with craft, crayons, Bubble bath, cup and plate set, socks & book.

It looks a lot when piled up but written down it seems ok

PutDownThatLaptop Sat 17-Dec-16 00:48:32

Nintendo 3DS, case and game
Filly little ice skating unicorn
Vtech video camera
Minecraft and Star Wars annuals
Hama mini beads set
Optical illusions book
Microwaveable Star Wars pillow
Star Wars joke book
New Look jacket

DS (19 and 23)
PlayStation Pro and latest game
Converse shoes
Stocking fillers such as Magic 8 Ball, table top volcano, coca cola vintage tin.

Cagliostro Sat 17-Dec-16 00:56:27

I always love these threads! It's fun seeing what all the other children like and imagining lots of happy faces on Christmas morning fsmile

This list is all the presents they will have including stockings. It's a lot because it includes the presents from my parents and grandma (they ask me to choose on their behalf).

DD 9:
Dinosaur documentary DVD
Zootropolis DVD
Jurassic World jammies
T-Rex duvet set
Dinosaur fact cards
Dinosaur Trivial Pursuit

DS 7:
Blast Lab DVD
Cat in Paris DVD
Mario jammies
Space duvet set
Space fact cards
Monster Cafe card game

Shared presents:
Quadrilla marble run
Microscope with insect slides
Across Africa board game
Human Body book/building kit

Cagliostro Sat 17-Dec-16 01:00:39

Pressed post too early fblush

Superhero costume for Lottie doll
Scooter and ramp for Lottie doll
Genkoyoshi paper and brush pen
Clothes including gym leotard/shorts
Small Lego set
Build a bear voucher

Hatch n Hero baymax
Small transformer
Wooden transforming robot
Small Lego set
Knex beast alive kit
IQ Splash puzzle

And shedloads of books because I have no self restraint

Riderontheswarm Sat 17-Dec-16 01:47:06

This thread has given me some good ideas Am away to look online for dinosaur fact cards and jokebooks

doleritedinosaur Sat 17-Dec-16 02:31:42

For DS including stocking & family presents.

Thomas the tank play table with wooden railway & engines,
Bag full of clothes for next age group,
Wall E toy & DVD,
Gruffalo boxset DVD,
Mr Men collection DVD,
Furchester hotel & accessories,
Peppa pig toy
Musical picnic basket
Singing Clanger,

He's also had 25 books for his book advent.

Seems like quite a lot now.

PoppyLivesOn Sat 17-Dec-16 03:51:36

Ds1 7

3DS XL with Lego city undercover
Lego Millenium Falcon
Lego City volcano Explorers
Battleships Game
Brainbox Dinosaur Game
3x Roald Dahl Books
Minecraft Book
Star Wars Book

Ds2 6

3DS XL with Yo Kai Game
Lego Marvel Giant Antman
Lego NexoKnights Jestro's volcanic lair
Snakes & Ladders Game
Find Five Fast Game
3x Roald Dahl Books
Minecraft Book
Avengers Book

They seem to have a huge amount this year compared to normal years but I didn't pay full price for anything. In fact all of the games and books together cost less than $30 as I've been scouring opp shops since June.

FixItUpChappie Sat 17-Dec-16 04:37:19

I love these threads until someone comes along to tut and moan about how much everyone's bought fgrin

DS1 6yrs mains

-Playmobil Pirate Ship
-Playmobil Pirate Island
-Playmobil 3 headed serpent
-New Sled
-Magic Set
-board game
-Lego set

DS2 3 yrs mains

-Playmobil Ladder Truck
-Playmobil Pirate Ship
-New Sled
-airport garage
-Melissa and Doug Discovery Magic Set
-playdoh Dr Drill n Fill
-little percussion set
-Duplo set

They are also sharing the hex bug game "Buggaloop"

FixItUpChappie Sat 17-Dec-16 04:42:36

The 3 yr old is getting the fire truck and fire station....not a second pirate ship!

Pluto30 Sat 17-Dec-16 04:50:05

Both sons are getting bikes, and both are getting Lego, a couple of books, some clothes, and some lollies/chocolate, both are getting a colouring book and pencils.

DS1 (7) is getting The Hobbit movies on DVD.

DS2 (5.5) is getting Jack and Sarah and Thoroughly Modern Millie on DVD (movies he watches constantly at DM's, so we thought we'd get them for here too).

DD (20mo) is getting some Sylvanian families, a cheap dolls pram and doll (not sure if she's going to take an interest in it, so no real investment), some clothes, a couple of books, a wooden alphabet puzzle, a Moomin DVD, and a couple of chocolates.

FourKidsNotCrazyYet Sat 17-Dec-16 04:54:47

Main presents;

DS1 - Samsung galaxy S7 edge
DD1 - New saddle for her horse
DS2 - VR goggles for PS4
DS3 - Wooden castle for the garden

BellaGoth Sat 17-Dec-16 05:02:52

I love these threads too!

DS (nearly 4) is getting:
Playmobil castle (currently debating whether to build in advance or not!)
Logo volcano explorers
Paw patrol everest soft toy
Peppard pig and lego annuals
Scooby Doo backpack
Paw patrol snowboard skye
A surprise egg stuffed with blind bags
Pop up pirates (shared with his Sister)

DD (4 months) is Getting:
Jumperoo (second hand)
Shape sorter
Cot mobile
Photo frame for her room
Pop up book
Cuddly toy

Plus stockings. This is the first year DS has really understood it so I'm beyond excited!

FourKidsNotCrazyYet Sat 17-Dec-16 05:20:58

BellaGoth. I would build it before hand. Those things take ages to build.

The2ndSpartacus Sat 17-Dec-16 06:18:37

There's a lot of playmobile stuff here - Is it kinda like Lego? Off to Google.

DS (12) is getting:
a keyboard (musical, not computer)
A wacom tablet
Instant camera and film
Digital art lessons (where he'll learn stop animation, Photoshop, sound, lighting, all that stuff with other kids between 12-18)
And stocking fillers which is chocolate, a new diary, books, art pencils, string lights for his room, new phone case.

DS (2y.o) is getting:
A balance beam and crash mat
Toot toot garage
A couple of new puzzles
New books
And stocking fillers are chocolate, Bing cutlery, little bing/go jetters figures.

Fighting hard the urge to twitch. Watched a programme the other day where a lady bought her children about 90+ presents each for Christmas and it made me want to cancel consumerist Christmas and handcarve some wooden toys for gifts instead, but then I remembered I can't carve stuff. grin But it's enough to stop me twitching and buying more!

Tanfastic Sat 17-Dec-16 06:25:19

Ds 8

A cheap laptop
Fungus amungus stuff
Lego (Star Wars and a caravan).
Star Wars characters from Disney Shop.
Guinness world records & Ripleys Believe it or not books.
Dan TDM bits and you tube heroes.
A hottie grin
Sweet grabber machine.
Stocking bits (boxers, sweets toiletries etc).

BellaGoth Sat 17-Dec-16 06:59:08

FourKids it says 180 minutes on the box! Do they think I don't know that means 3 hours?

The trouble is it's HUGE and we'll have nowhere to hide it once it's built, so we'll have to do it after the children are asleep on Christmas Eve.

And should we wrap the box, or try and wrap the built set?

Sorry for the thread derail OP!

Juanbablo Sat 17-Dec-16 07:03:17

Ds1 -
Kindle - from us
Goalie gloves - from dd
Geomag set - from ds2
Santa sack -
Minions tissues
Smarties tube
David Walliams book
Secret Life of Pets dvd
Phlat ball
Nerf howler
Top trumps
Bath bomb
Light up bouncy ball
WWE figure
Pie face game
Playmobil blind bag
Stretchy man little toy
Kickmaster ball trainer

Dd -
Kindle - from us
Magnetic doll dress up - from ds2
Puppy surprise - from ds1
Santa sack -
Secret Life of pets tissues
BFG dvd
Matilda book
Bath bomb
Light up bouncy ball
Tsum tsums
Hedbanz game
Cupcake doll
Stretchy man toy
MLP blind bag
Trolls figures
Smarties tube

Ds2 -
Kitchen - from us
Pots and pans - from ds1
Play good - from dd
Santa sack -
Paw patrol tissues
Bath bomb
Paw patrol dinner set
Blaze cutlery
Playmobil set
Playmobil blind bag
Dear Santa book
Finding Dory dvd
Bath bomb
Light up bouncy ball
Play foam
Paint your own Chase
Smarties tube
Blaze car
Crusher car

I'm sure I've forgotten stuff but that's about the jist of it.

Lookinatu Sat 17-Dec-16 07:06:01

Ds (4)
Minion walkie talkies
Phonics books and charlie and the chocolate factory
My first skates
Blo pens
Play doh
Can't think of the rest.

Dd (4m)
Rattle toys
Lamaze toys
Sensory blocks
Activity station

OneNightTimeMenaceStrikesBack Sat 17-Dec-16 07:25:14

gaming desktop pc, monitor and headset

his aunts and uncles have bought him a keyboard for his computer, webcam, speakers, wireless card for his computer, a converse hoodie, stikbot animation kit, pjs and a bed head hair kit

i hope it doesn't come across as mean or tight that it's all dp and i have got him but it was very expensive and is EXACTLY what he wants

belleandsnowwhite Sat 17-Dec-16 07:26:09

instant camera
art pens
art pencils
paints and brushes
pastels crayons
water colour pencils
harry potter pjs and socks
a few books
vinyl albums.
pop vinyls
soap and glory set
make up
record player (of my mum)

Playmobil pirate take and play sets
2 disney animator dolls
my little pony
doggy doo
pirate pop up game
kindle fire
books and colouring stuff
playmobil pre school (of my mum)
duplo box
duplo digger set
playmobil 123 set
crayons and drawing paper.
toy cars

Badders123 Sat 17-Dec-16 07:32:12

Ds1 (13)
Mini nes
Lots of books
PS4 games
Beanbag for bedroom
Moon nightlight
Lynx set
iPad pillow
Star Wars t shirt
Pop vinyl
Water bottle
Shin pads
Loads of little stocking fillers

Ds2 (8)
Beanbag for bedroom
Dress up
Minecraft torch
iPad pillow
Lush bath bombs
Huge set of sharpies
Loads of little stocking fillers

FourKidsNotCrazyYet Sat 17-Dec-16 07:36:02

BellaGoth. Build it, wrap it in a duvet and tie a bow around it. Unless you think they'd have fun helping? Even now when it's the holidays and we lug it all up from the cellar they all disappear until I've built it confused

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