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Panicking this isn't enough for DH!

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GoodQueenWenchEatsLess Wed 14-Dec-16 13:11:10

We had some family photos taken in the summer and have had 2 large canvas prints done of our favourite pics - we agreed a while ago this would be our main gift to each other.

So to open on Xmas day, I've got DH a few bits -

This CLOUD STORAGE (mainly as I'm fed up of him leaving his wallet / keys / phone / loose change scattered all over the place!)

The cornerstone razor, blades and set of creams

A book he's mentioned he wants

A set of those cartoon drawing car stickers that depict each family member

And a couple of joke presents - a back scratcher and a set of these FESTIVE FACE MATS

I know he's got one other thing for me worth £15 but no idea if he's got me anything other than the canvas print already mentioned.

Just finished wrapping and wondering if I should get something else? (Though goodness knows what!) If it makes any difference it's also his birthday before Xmas so I've got a separate gift for that.

flapjackfairy Wed 14-Dec-16 13:36:27

Nah thats plenty!
Most men are not that bothered in my experience!

StylishDuck Wed 14-Dec-16 14:06:05

My DH and I set a spending limit for each other at Christmas of £50. That way neither of us are embarrassed by the other's extravagance fwink

Everything you have sounds very thoughtful. If he's anything like my DH he's impossible to buy for anyway.

Notsure1234 Wed 14-Dec-16 18:15:08

That's more than I have for my dh.

I really can't think of anything to buy and I'm fed up of buying stuff he doesn't want or use

GoodQueenWenchEatsLess Wed 14-Dec-16 18:15:44

Yep stylishduck he is very awkward to buy for! And in previous years, things I've thought he'd like, he's not been bothered by. I think setting a £50 limit is a great idea. He's not that great at choosing present for me either so I have to give very specific hints unless I want something completely random! hmm

I'll stop worrying and be satisfied with what I've got - the photo canvases are our main gift anyway so the other things are stocking fillers anyway.

UnbornMortificado Wed 14-Dec-16 18:15:59

I've only bought DH a toothbrush. It's a posh electrical one but still...

SVJAA Wed 14-Dec-16 18:17:09

I bought DP a framed print of "our" song (it's also his favourite song) and some slippers.

anyoldname76 Wed 14-Dec-16 18:20:18

my dh is getting a battlestar galactica box set and a book on how to grow veg, we have said our main prezzie to each other will be a tv out of the sales, mainly because we need one and cant afford that and loads of presents. yours sounds like plenty

cantseemtohaveitall Wed 14-Dec-16 18:30:51

Well your DH is getting a whole lot more than mine is!
We're on a v tight budget at the moment and we've set a spending limit of £20 each, as most of our Xmas budget is going on the DCs.
So we'll be getting something small and thoughtful for each other!
Frankly it sounds like you've spent loads there OP.

Laska5772 Wed 14-Dec-16 18:51:36

It doesnt seem very much.. (but we do lots of small presents) .. What about a jumper or a t shirt of his favourite thing? (Molotov and Plain Lazy are quite good for quirky Tshirts).

I have also bought Dh chocs from Montezumas, some bamboo socks and a bamboo baselayer for cycling ,
Also some Form cards (you can get these on ebay quicker than direct from the manufacturer)

elQuintoConyo Wed 14-Dec-16 19:05:25

I have bought a pair of dog-walking trousers from Decathlon. And a can of Guinness for his stocking.

We have dc and don't buy for each other because whatevervwecwant/need we buy it ourslves. However, having seen DH fecking up more than one pair of troos recently, I thought I'd buy some proper trekkking troos solely for dog-walking (too ugly for everyday grin). It'll be a surprise.


Juanbablo Thu 15-Dec-16 07:45:08

That is plenty I think. I've got dh a pair of pjs and the dcs have got him a cd. We've set a £20 limit because there is little we need or want, money is tight and we would rather spend it on the dcs.

SymbollocksInteractionism Thu 15-Dec-16 07:51:36

We've got 3 DC to buy for so don't get each other anything!

NapQueen Thu 15-Dec-16 07:56:18

We had a weekend away at the start of December as our treat.

To open dh will get a book, a sports bottle and some chocolate.

goose1964 Thu 15-Dec-16 20:21:24

So far from me DH has a pen which came in a huge box, a cheap box of liqueur chocs from Santa and some slippers

GoodQueenWenchEatsLess Sun 18-Dec-16 14:10:18

Oh ffs - having decided I was happy with the bits I've got and that it's enough, THIS has just appeared under the tree "from the dcs" shock 50 bloomin' quid!

I've just used a couple of the things I mentioned in my op as the gifts from the children. I haven't bought extra stuff.

Now I feel like I need to buy more confused

Nan0second Sun 18-Dec-16 15:02:08

Don't buy more!! Your gifts are fine.
(Unless you're secretly a millionaire).
You agreed a main gift with him. Don't up the ante.

GoodQueenWenchEatsLess Sun 18-Dec-16 16:50:22

Definitely not a secret millionaire. I think what I've bought will just have to suffice as now the dcs are off school there is just no opportunity for me to escape for some child free shopping and there's barely any time to order online for delivery in time now either. Not that I'd know what to buy anyway, nor be able to afford it before payday at the end of the month.

gamerchick Sun 18-Dec-16 16:54:03

Stop panicking, its enough. You don't need a pile.

SloeGinandTonic Sun 18-Dec-16 17:52:30

better not to get anything else rather than get tat that will not be used. If you want to bulk it out then chose something he would buy anyway like beer but get a more unusual one- less than £2.

GoodQueenWenchEatsLess Sun 18-Dec-16 19:47:26

sloegin that's actually not a bad idea ... he's not a beer drinker but does like cider so I could probably get something when I do the food shop this week. flowers

gamerchick Sun 18-Dec-16 20:28:11

Or a cider in a box kit? They're about 15 quid, the cider is decent and doesn't take long to brew. We get them from home bargains.

TroysMammy Sun 18-Dec-16 20:32:11

I've had to buy for Birthday on Xmas Eve and presents for Xmas Day. Limit of £25 per occasion has been slightly exceeded.

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