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Can I make Pulled Pork in advance? And any tips or recipes

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SnorkelParka Wed 14-Dec-16 08:27:30

Was thinking that Christmas evening or one of the other days we might have pulled pork (with Brioche buns salad and coleslaw) since I foolishly promised dd1 I would include it with Christmas dinner but now I don't really want to. I've not made it before (we have just bought ready made in bbq sauce).

So, can I make it in advance and reheat rather than have the oven on all afternoon as well as all morning, or will it taste better fresh? I have seen some BBC tips which mainly seem to involve salt and paprika - does that sound about right?

Lookinatu Wed 14-Dec-16 11:56:10

I do pulled pork all the time in the slow cooker if u are using shop bought bbq sauce put a little in the slow cooker to baste it and leave in for a few hours. Then you can reheat or freeze and use again for another day. My dh loves pulled pork with brown sugar on I always make the whole thing then separate once cooked and freeze or reheat. Does sound a bit odd are you making it separate or with the dinner? Can't imagine bbq sauce going well with the dinner good luck and do it the day before save your oven space

SnorkelParka Thu 15-Dec-16 08:25:36

Oh yes I mean seperate meals smile . We will have Christmas lunch and then have this for the evening, or maybe more likely christmas eve. I was wondering about the slow cooker, sounds good. Thanks

Bobsmum02 Thu 15-Dec-16 09:38:31

You can definitely reheat no problem, I've done this a few times. I also cook mine in the slow cooker, I leave it for about 8 hours on low and it literally falls apart as you lift it out.

If you want the cheats version, asda do a slow cooker joint with the sauce, peppers, onions etc all ready in the bag...just dump it all in the slow cooker and switch on. It's only about £5 too and is actually quite tasty!

SnorkelParka Thu 15-Dec-16 16:56:20

Ooh thanks, that might be worth looking at - its just my dds favourite at the moment.

McBassyPants Thu 15-Dec-16 17:02:49

Slimming World do a pulled pork recipe and it's AMAZING. Done in the slow cooker so it's easy as well

Out2pasture Thu 15-Dec-16 17:05:30

It freezes and reheats beautifully. I'd make it now.

Deux Thu 15-Dec-16 17:19:03

So glad to see this thread as I'm thinking of doing this for Boxing Day and was thinking of making it ahead and freezing.

When you all are freezing are you just freezing the meat or are you freezing it with sauce?

Also, what weight of meat would I need to feed 12 as part of a buffet?

If anyone could link to a tried and tested recipe with BBQ sauce I'd be most grateful.

tkband3 Thu 15-Dec-16 17:22:01

This recipe is amazing - I make it with a much bigger shoulder of pork and it works really well, and feeds loads of people.

McBassyPants Thu 15-Dec-16 17:22:13

Deux Thu 15-Dec-16 17:40:07

Thanks. I think I'll need about 4 - 5 kg of pork. I, assuming I can just follow any oven based recipe for the slow cooker, say 8 hours on low overnight?


pklme Thu 15-Dec-16 18:17:48

I just shove it slow cooker after I've taken off any butcher strings, when it's ready (falls apart when prodded firmly with a fork) pull off the fatty layer. Shred it with two forks and leave it with the lid off for an hour to soak up all the juices. Squirt on some shop bought BBQ sauce if you want, or season it yourself.

It freezes like that or plain, but likes an extra helping of sauce when you serve it.

piddleypower Mon 19-Dec-16 15:16:25

Its actually better if left over night.
Here is everything you need to know and more - the recipe at the bottom is the business, done it several times and its ace.

SnorkelParka Thu 22-Dec-16 10:18:05

Oh thanks for these - brilliant, brilliant recipes - now i have multiple recipes saved and also probably need to make it tomorrow if its best left overnight. Cheers 😀

Deux Thu 22-Dec-16 12:11:13

Sorry for hijacking your thread OP. I'm going with the channel 4 one linked to above. It's marinating in the fridge right now. I'm going to do the first part on the high heat in the oven then transfer to the slow cooker.

I'll keep you updated. I think I'm going to reserve the cooking liquid and may turn it into a sauce. I just went with shop bought BBQ sauce to serve on the side - one sweet/sticky and one spicy so all age groups are catered for.


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