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Fun ways of telling daughter her gift is a puppy.

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Skippersocks Thu 08-Dec-16 12:36:06

We have been waiting for years to get a puppy and at last the time is right. We have found the right breed and breeder for us and will be bringing the pup home at the end of January.
On Christmas day, my daughter will be completely over joyed just to know we are getting a puppy. However, in the absence of the actual puppy, I would like a fun/exciting way for her to discover what her gift is. I have thought of a picture in a frame or a box of dog toys, but I would like to do something a bit more cryptic - she is 12.
Does anyone have any good ideas?

hellhasnofurylikeahungrywoman Thu 08-Dec-16 12:40:50

What breed? If it is a Lab how about a roll of Andrex?

TripTrapTripTrapOverTheBridge Thu 08-Dec-16 12:41:51

Um, surely the puppy isn't her Christmas present?

Anyway, how about a puppy blanket and toy? A book on puppy training?

NinjaPosse Thu 08-Dec-16 12:42:21

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ReadySteadyNo Thu 08-Dec-16 12:43:11

Oh god. This isn't going to go well on here OP...

ineedamoreadultieradult Thu 08-Dec-16 12:44:02

Get her a gift for Christmas (a small one if finances are tight because of buying the dog) and get the family a puppy in January. I don't think the two should be connected. You don't give animals as presents.

TripTrapTripTrapOverTheBridge Thu 08-Dec-16 12:44:38

Boots and a waterproof coat. Watch her cringing over the practicality and 'ugly' present then make her try it on and watch her face as she puts her hands in the pockets and finds a dog lead

Raiseyourglass26 Thu 08-Dec-16 12:44:59

Pets at home gift voucher? I like the idea of the picture in frame. Maybe a wee toy dog as well?

EssentialHummus Thu 08-Dec-16 12:45:27

I second a book on puppy training / the particular breed.

To forestall the inevitable: the puppy is not a xmas present. the puppy is not a xmas present. the puppy is not a xmas present.

Soubriquet Thu 08-Dec-16 12:45:47

No reason why it shouldn't go well

The Op has said she's been waiting for the time and has found a breeder she likes.

Nothing wrong with that.

I like the idea of wrapping up collar, bowls, and a teddy of the breed.

With maybe a certificate with the picture of the puppy on it and the name for puppy blank but the owner's name is your dd's

PurpleDaisies Thu 08-Dec-16 12:46:10

I agree with ineed. The dog shouldn't be a Christmas present. That's a terrible message to send.

If it isn't coming until the end of January there's absolutely no need to make it a present.

WellErrr Thu 08-Dec-16 12:46:43

Strap in OP, you are going to get FLAMED for this!

Please say it's not a cockerpoo? grin

TripTrapTripTrapOverTheBridge Thu 08-Dec-16 12:46:45

Essential I hope not. It's confused me, op says they have wanted one for a while then goes on calling it the daughters gift.

sparechange Thu 08-Dec-16 12:48:14

How about a voucher for a 'young handler' dog training course?
That way, you're putting a line in the sand from the start that she needs to be serious about the dog, and training it, and that training is something both of them need to do.

If you want to be more cryptic, then train tickets to the venue to be opened first? Then the voucher, then a book about the breed?

MissMarplesHat Thu 08-Dec-16 12:48:14

I also like the idea of wrapping up dog toys etc. I bet she'll be thrilled fsmile

PurpleDaisies Thu 08-Dec-16 12:48:36

To forestall the inevitable: the puppy is not a xmas present. the puppy is not a xmas present. the puppy is not a xmas present.

Look at the thread title...

MissMarplesHat Thu 08-Dec-16 12:49:12

Doggy treasure hunt?

IrianOfW Thu 08-Dec-16 12:49:46

A small gift wrapped dog turd? wink

PurpleDaisies Thu 08-Dec-16 12:50:14

Op I don't know whether I'm just being particularly slow on the uptake or not...
Is this a family dog you've wanred for ages or is it a present for your daughter? If it's the former, you might want to get your thread title edited.

Enb76 Thu 08-Dec-16 12:51:14

The message is "A dog is for life, not just for Christmas" there is no reason the promise of a dog cannot be a present. I love the idea of waterproofs with a dog lead in the pocket.

ElfingHeck Thu 08-Dec-16 12:51:21

How old is your DD? A soft toy dog that is the same breed as the puppy perhaps?

Or, how about sponsoring a Guide Dog puppy in your DD's name? She gets a soft toy puppy with the sponsorship, plus a photo and information and 'Pupdates' about the puppy's progress over the next year. That way, she's not only getting a puppy herself but helping provide one that will change someone's life.

(Disclaimer, I am a Guide dog owner, and my DC sponsor a GD puppy every Christmas - they love it.)

StickyProblem Thu 08-Dec-16 12:51:48

How about a nice calendar with a circle/Postit note on the day you're getting the puppy?

sparechange Thu 08-Dec-16 12:51:48

Love the wellies and coat idea as well! Plus a bottle of Flash spray and lots of kitchen roll to clean up accidents during house training?

Maybe a OS map of local woods/parks/dog walking areas?

Either way, the Christmas present must make it very clear that the dog is a responsibility, her responsibility, and she has time to back out now if she doesn't want to take it on

IrianOfW Thu 08-Dec-16 12:53:38

I am not sure I understand what the big deal is about pup being a christmas present. OK, giving an unexpected puppy to an unsuspecting child who has never expressed an interest in a dog or ever discussed it with you, would be a spectacularly bad idea. This dog has been wanted for ages and the family is prepared for it.

NinjaPosse Thu 08-Dec-16 12:57:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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