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Show Us Your TREES!

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monkeyfacegrace Fri 02-Dec-16 13:07:39

Do we have a tree porn thread yet?!

We need one!

I'll start.

<Bounce bounce>

Namechangeemergency Fri 02-Dec-16 13:09:19

Beautiful and very tasteful.
I haven't put mine up yet but its basically the opposite of yours grin

PJBanana Fri 02-Dec-16 13:13:45

Wow! Gorgeous tree.

Ours is going up tonight fgrin

cwtchme Fri 02-Dec-16 13:13:58

Only a little one as our flat is tiny. Building up my collection of ridiculous baubles!

Guitargirl Fri 02-Dec-16 13:16:45

Wow monkey - that is some tree! Beautiful!

Eyre89 Fri 02-Dec-16 13:20:35

Stunning tree. I just did mine with my 2 year old and it doesn't compare to yours. And he did his own tiny tree.

danTDM Fri 02-Dec-16 13:21:11

Gorgeous monkey, love your decorations cwatchme, they're like mine.

Eyre89 Fri 02-Dec-16 13:23:50

cwtchme I love your baubles in particular your gingerbread man

Mathsmess Fri 02-Dec-16 13:27:57

Monkey that is BEAUTIFUL. My ideal tree!

I don't want to share mine now blush

Mathsmess Fri 02-Dec-16 13:29:03

Monkey, how many strings of lights do you have?

<Panic buys more lights >

monkeyfacegrace Fri 02-Dec-16 13:33:45

Eyre, your 2 year olds little tree wins! SO cute.

I have only one string of lights, they are just an 85m long string of 1000 grin I actually bought 2000 but couldn't get them all on.

I LOVE seeing everyone's trees. It's certainly not a competition, they are all awesome.

GizmoFrisby Fri 02-Dec-16 13:33:59

Not as fancy as most on here but here goes. Kids decorated it on Wednesday grin

Eyre89 Fri 02-Dec-16 13:53:12

He's very proud of it thank you monkeyfacegrace especially as the tree was a gift from santa. How long did it take to put up all those lights?!

I love seeing all the trees.

Mathsmess Fri 02-Dec-16 14:01:31

85 METER shock

You do not want to get that in a knot!

DearMrDilkington Fri 02-Dec-16 14:06:37

monkey your tree is amazingshock. All you need is a Santa in an armchair next to it and you have a Santa's grotto!grin

Flatcoatfan Fri 02-Dec-16 15:21:47

Monkey your tree is beautiful. Do you live in a stately home? If not you should.

EnidButton Fri 02-Dec-16 15:36:43

They're all gorgeous!

Do the real ones not look a bit sorry for themselves by Christmas? Asking because I fancy doing ours earlier this year but was hanging back until the usual weekend (10th/11th this year) as I thought it wouldn't last otherwise. Suppose it's only an extra week.

monkeyfacegrace Fri 02-Dec-16 15:39:24

I know I should <sigh>

Unfortunately I have to live in a tiny 3 bed semi which badly needs decorating grin

More tree pics please!

RatOnnaStick Fri 02-Dec-16 15:43:42

I should have one to show by this time tomorrow. Kids have been badgering me for it since mid-november and I've held off til now but auntie Karen is staying this weekend so she can put the fucking thing up help decorate.

Mathsmess Fri 02-Dec-16 17:10:25


Baby has pulled so many decs off I've given up with it!

EnidButton Fri 02-Dec-16 17:38:31

Are the real ones still perky by Christmas please?

We have a stand that holds water and I'm itching to get one this weekend now I've seen these pics.

EggnoggAndMulledWine Fri 02-Dec-16 17:41:33

Here's mine just put it up today. Going to have a baileys hot chocolate and watch the holiday when they kids go to bed.

EggnoggAndMulledWine Fri 02-Dec-16 17:42:52

Actually i have added more decorations since the daylight pic as thought it still looked bare

Amithenormalone Fri 02-Dec-16 17:45:17

This is ours it's got all hand knitted decorations on it.

BingBongBingBong Fri 02-Dec-16 17:45:37

Tacky but I luffs it grin the lights were flashing in the pic but I think I caught the pic when they flashed off

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