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Great Christmas presents for kids

(8 Posts)
CartwheelGirl Wed 30-Nov-16 00:26:16

What Christmas presents for kids have you bought that you really like? Let's share both this year's finds and what worked particularly well for your kids last year so that other people can consider it too.

For us, last year successes were (DD 8 and DS 11):
Big pack of Sharpies
Jumping Sumo Drone
Worry Eater
Smiley cushion

CartwheelGirl Wed 30-Nov-16 19:24:54

Well, I'm still looking for ideas for my kids, so here goes shameless bump.

Bought this Nivea gift set on offer in Asda today, 2 for £8 which will please my DD and my niece.

DD asked for Pokemon Sun game for Nintendo DS, so will order that as a 'big' gift. I'm confident she will like it a lot.

CartwheelGirl Wed 30-Nov-16 19:26:40

Also, just to say, I've heard loads about Hatchimals which seem to be a popular craze at the moment, but I decided against them on the basis that it is very expensive and the excitement is likely short-term.

CoffeeChocolateWine Thu 01-Dec-16 10:21:36

I need suggestions too! I find my DS (8) quite tricky to buy for as despite loving cool toys, he just doesn't play with them. I'm really reluctant to spend loads on more toys when I know they are destined to collect dust in his cupboard. But I also know he'd be pretty disappointed to not get a cool toy for Christmas. So suggestions for an inexpensive (£20) cool toy for an 8yo would be great! Previous hits...I tell anyone who will listen that Hot Wires is fantastic. This was definitely a hit with my DS...it's one thing that comes out again and again.
This Bop it game is great.
For Harry Potter fans this is fab. I also got him a lovely Gryffindor beanie hat and gloves which he loves but can't link.

CartwheelGirl Sat 03-Dec-16 21:34:05

I quite like the idea of that tetris bop-it!

CartwheelGirl Sat 03-Dec-16 21:34:19

Hot wires was a hit here too!

Ladydepp Sat 03-Dec-16 21:48:25

My 9yo dd loves Magformers.

Also Dobble card game,

and various bits for playing teacher (stamps, stickers, register book)

At the same age my ds was only interested in Lego and video games and dressing up as a Jedi! He also had a (quite simple) hot wheels track that came out when he had friends over.

HeCantBeSerious Sat 03-Dec-16 21:49:49


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