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I need x box help

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conserveisposhforjam Tue 29-Nov-16 23:34:33

Not quite an old gimmer but feeling a bit like it right now...

I'm going to get dh an X box one for Christmas. We have a decrepit old x box from ye olden days. I never buy this kind of shit - I don't need to as dh is a 15 yo at heart - and I'm a bit lost tbh. Any advice would be much appreciated!

I guess the massive price discrepancies are because you can get bundles with controllers /games etc? Will our old x box controller work? Is a basic controller good enough for most gaming? Are there different consoles or just one?

I want to get him fallout 4. I haven't seen any bundles but I have seen fallout 4 on for as little at £12.50 - that seems v cheap for a game. I don't want to get the wrong thing ('um yes thanks love, but this is just the poster..').

Any shopping recommendations? Tesco seem to have console for £199 but that's without controller. How much should the basic controller be?

As you can see I know nothing about this area. TIA for responses. smile

dementedpixie Wed 30-Nov-16 08:18:18

I think there's a new Xbox one S out. Fallout 4 is 1 year old so that may be why it is cheaper

BubbleGumBubble Wed 30-Nov-16 08:22:07

This is a good deal and comes with the controller.

dementedpixie Wed 30-Nov-16 08:22:43

Afaik without a computer workaround you won't be able to use the Xbox 360 controllers with an Xbox one so you would need to buy Xbox one controllers

SecondaryQuandary Wed 30-Nov-16 08:24:38

Pick your bundle according to what you want. It may be that a bundle wouldn't suit. I got a XBox One S w FIFA 17 & an extra controller on BF for £229, before it would've cost about £270-280. But only worth it really if you want that game and an extra controller.

Re model. I'm getting DS the new one as all his friends have a One and he can't play with them in his old 360, also as he only plays FIFA the One version is the Only One to have apparently. Controllers for the One are different to the 360.

So I'd say if he only wants to play one game get any console that supports it, otherwise get a new console so he has access to all the latest games. If you don't see Fallout 4 in a bundle just buy the console on its own and the game separately - or perhaps try and haggle in the game at a store!

SuburbanRhonda Wed 30-Nov-16 08:24:57

Just bought a great bundle for DS for Christmas from Game. Go in and talk to them (not on a Saturday though). The staff are all gamers themselves are are very knowledgable and helpful.

DramaInPyjamas Wed 30-Nov-16 08:29:14

The £199 in Tesco Direct has a controller with it if it's the same one I bought a couple of weeks ago (£179.99 with a free game)

Most bundles at the moment are for the Xbox One S and newer chart games

I got Fallout 4 at half price in Game as it was buy one get one half price

conserveisposhforjam Wed 30-Nov-16 08:29:45

Thanks all! That is a good deal bubblegum - is the X box one a different entity to a one S then?

He'll want a load of games eventually. He's always had a console but the X box isn't loading games atm. (Ds poured ribena into it because he likes to help us in his own little ways)

Timeforabiscuit Wed 30-Nov-16 08:33:05

Write a list of what your husband would want, be mindful if you want an extra controller, headset to talk online, xbox live pass (£40 per year includes 4 free games a month through xbox live gold, allows multiplayer online gaming and game discounts - its good value if you are a high volume player) also key games he will want to play.

The most appreciated bit of kit was a charging docking station, as the controllers are wireless.

Then go to game and haggle!!

The controllers are expensive, so i would get these insured- have been very impressed with games no fuss switching policy, but keep receipts and boxes just in case. The controllers are hard wearing but theres only so many times you can drop them on a wood floor!

conserveisposhforjam Wed 30-Nov-16 09:19:21

The tesco one says it's an X box one 1tb. Is that an older incarnation?

conserveisposhforjam Wed 30-Nov-16 09:20:04

Will game generally haggle then? Interesting...

DramaInPyjamas Wed 30-Nov-16 10:04:41

No difference, except that 1tb is the higher memory storage and
500gb is the lower memory storage one

If he downloads games, I'd go with the 1tb

DramaInPyjamas Wed 30-Nov-16 10:19:19

The Xbox One, The Xbox One S and the Xbox One Elite are all the same console with slight differences (memory, design, etc)

According to my sons friends the game play is exactly the same on each one.

conserveisposhforjam Wed 30-Nov-16 19:05:00

Thanks guys. I keep wanting to ask dh. Which might ruin the surprise somewhat. ..

DramaInPyjamas Wed 30-Nov-16 19:14:37

The staff in Game (or any game shop) really know their stuff, and are really helpful (my local one anyway) they will talk you through everything and answer any questions you have.

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