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Christmas Day traditions

(10 Posts)
ambitiousbut Tue 29-Nov-16 22:06:29

It's worked out this year that its my two teenage children and me for Christmas Day - we normally have family over but they are away this time.
I am looking forward to it - but am asking for inspiration for a possible change to how we spend the day now there are no constraints.
The short version:
What are your Christmas Day traditions?
How do you plan your day?

user1477282676 Tue 29-Nov-16 23:49:17

Well I would think about what you all enjoy the most. For eg. my children (2 of them) love a buffet...they just adore a table full of treats that they're allowed to go up to at will.

So we always have a slightly naff Christmas Eve buffet.

We all like a Christmas movie so we have one of those on Christmas eve...Christmas day is spent lounging in casual clothing, eating and playing with new stuff!

No routine...just lunch at about 2.00 and then eat what you want all day.

acornsandnuts Tue 29-Nov-16 23:55:21

We keep a small gift for the evening. Just when they start to flag or want to disappear teenagers It's usually a board game or top trumps each. It just gives a second life to the day.

KnottedAnchorChief Tue 29-Nov-16 23:59:52

At least one walk for some fresh air (with the dog). We always wish everyone we see a merry Christmas. It's nice to greet strangers you normally wouldn't speak to!

Chottie Wed 30-Nov-16 05:30:51

My DC are older too, so Christmas Day has a very leisurely start (although this year DGS is here too, so probably DH and I will be up earlier with him).

We have stockings under the tree and will be opening them listening to Christmas music and there will be lots of laughter and chat. This takes quite a time.

There will definitely be a walk out with DGS to see all the Christmas lights and get a breath of fresh air.

DD, DSiL and DGS will Skype family in Italy, I will ring my sis and family to wish them a happy Christmas.

We will eat at about 5ish, by candlelight. This will be a leisurely meal, no starter, but turkey and trimmings, pudding and cheese and fruit and chocolates to finish. DD and I will have our annual glass of blackcurrant brandy served in my parent's special glasses. There is always a toast to absent friends and family. We look back over the year and forward to the next and just enjoy being together.

I have one of the those moments when I look around the table and realise that I am surrounded by everyone I love and it's very special.

Merry Christmas fsmile

HearTheThunderRoar Wed 30-Nov-16 05:59:23

We always have Christmas with my brothers and their families (family members differ year to year depending who's doing what etc) + my mother, everyone is either teenagers or adults so it's more of an adult Christmas.

Morning is fairly relaxed, we get up, do presents together, have a nice chocolate morning open wine. We're in the southern hemisphere so Christmas is summer which means after presents we chill on the deck listening to Christmas music eat more chocolate and chatting etc.

Have lunch at about 1pm-2pm, normally a roast along with vegetables and salads, we also do a BBQ (sausages, chicken wings, pork chops etc). Pudding is followed about an hour later, ice cream, chocolate mousse, fruit salad and there's always a pavlova.

I always take the teenagers for a swim at the local lake in the early evening and we might go for a walk or bike ride as well. Come back, eat more leftovers. Then we just chill for the rest of the evening, might do some karaoke, play pool, go through photos etc.

Starting the diet on the 1st January always features in my Christmas traditions grin

GinAndTeaForMe Wed 30-Nov-16 06:16:42

This will be my first Christmas with my son. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your traditions. Thanks for starting this post OP.

I look forward to the start of our own family traditions.

newpup Wed 30-Nov-16 06:37:41

My DDs are now teenagers so Xmas is different to when they were small but no less lovely. They still open their stockings first thing in the morning ( although not so first as it used to be!) We always have croissants and champagne for breakfast and then DH and I walk our lab and then we open the gifts under the tree with champagne and Christmas music playing. Then we chill whilst cooking the Christmas dinner, turkey and all the trimmings which we eat around 2pmish. In the afternoon we play board games although DDs spend time messaging friends etc. In the evening we all watch a movie and have Chocolates and Baileys, log fire roaring. We will have phone calls throughout the day from family, it is generally a beautiful relaxing day and we enjoy still having our DDs at home. I realise it wont be many years until they have their own plans!

GinAndTeaForMe Thu 01-Dec-16 09:48:15

Oh I do wish there were more of these to read.

Grumpyoldblonde Thu 01-Dec-16 10:34:17

In the morning we exchange gifts and dd opens her stocking (big sack) while we listen to carols on the radio,
Breakfast is scrambled egg, smoked salmon and croissants. Then after showering and dressing my OH and me work as a tag team prepping veg. I chat with dd while he does the carrots and parsnips then I take over to peel the potatoes.
Family arrive around 1pm and we exchange more presents with a glass of champagne. While dinner is cooking we just chat and we eat around 4pm. No starter, turkey and all trimmings, Christmas pudding , cheese and chocolates.
We may play a board game afterwards or watch a couple of Christmas specials on the television. We usually take a few calls/skype family overseas. It's generally a relaxed and happy day. After have poured the first drink everyone just helps themselves and they help clear up after, stacking the dishwasher and so on. Turkey sandwiches for the late evening if we can force them down!

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