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Book idea for 12 y/o Girl?

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flippychick Tue 29-Nov-16 12:34:49

I was starting to feel smug because I've finished my Christmas shopping, so this is my own fault, but anyway.... My niece has a main present and a couple of stocking filler type presents. I received an email from my sister this morning advising not to buy any chocolate or sweets for the kids as they are trying to have a 'sugar free Christmas'.

Ignoring how miserable this sounds, I was thinking of swapping the small chocolate item I have bought for my niece for a book, but don't really know what 12 year olds read nowadays. Any ideas?

Or if not a book, any other ideas for a small stocking filler?

tangerino Tue 29-Nov-16 12:53:30

My 12yo niece likes the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy series.

lifeissobusy Tue 29-Nov-16 15:23:15

Hi My DD is 12 and every year she get a book trust gift card. We then go and spend an hours in one of the bookstores reading and choosing books. (We all love reading, so not a chore) She absolute loves it......

flippychick Tue 29-Nov-16 16:29:11

I hated book tokens when I was a child, but then I don't remember book stores being as much fun - I love Waterstones and some of the Indies in my town now. I might check out what book stores are in her village / nearest town.

Thanks both

Sadik Tue 29-Nov-16 16:44:12

DD really enjoyed Looking at The Stars by Jo Cotterill, which would also be quite apt for a Christmas read. (I think it's relatively little known, but you could always get it from amazon with a gift receipt so she could swap it if she's already read it)

Ginmakesitallok Tue 29-Nov-16 16:46:14

Anything by rick riordan

DoItTooJulia Tue 29-Nov-16 16:48:23

The Shadow Hunters box set is £12 in the works. It gets great reviews! (I've bought it for my 11yo ds)

And YY to THHGTTG-although the all in one give book trilogy is about £20

NoSquirrels Tue 29-Nov-16 16:54:12

Sooo many good books for that age group.

The Jo Cotterill reccommended above would be good, or Library of Lemons also by her is great.

What is your niece like/into? Can make some more tailored suggestions then...

PinkFluffiUnicorn Tue 29-Nov-16 17:08:17

My dd12 is enjoying skullduggery series, by derek landy, magic, mystery &excitement

MsHybridFanGirl Tue 29-Nov-16 18:07:29

Sorry don't know how to do a proper link! This is only £5 on Amazon I've ordered for 11 year old DD

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