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Doll themed present she hasn't already got!

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1AngelicFruitCake Tue 29-Nov-16 03:47:52

I'm buying a present for a 5 year old girl. Looking to spend about £15/£20 and she loves dolls but has everything or it seems like that! Any ideas?

MinnowAndTheBear Tue 29-Nov-16 03:58:15

Could you look for a doll to take in the bath? I had one as a child, it came with its own doll-sized bathtub. My own kids play with it now!

MumofWombat Tue 29-Nov-16 04:04:34

I'd go for dolls clothes. A doll can never have enough changes of clothing!

BitOutOfPractice Tue 29-Nov-16 04:13:04

A wardrobe for dolly clothes?

Misty9 Tue 29-Nov-16 07:04:55

I've bought dd some dolls clothes from toys r us and it was 10 pounds for 4 or 5 outfits which is the best value I've seen. It's the me and you range I think.

Wanderingraspberry Tue 29-Nov-16 07:34:54

Dolls car seat, sling or bathable Corolle doll (miniature).

BitOutOfPractice Tue 29-Nov-16 08:35:32

Oh I wonder if her favourite doll has pyjamas?

1122christy Tue 29-Nov-16 14:25:24

Smyths do a chair that can attach to a table. It has a little table on it and plate etc. It's for their our generation doll range but will fit any doll really. It's a little bit more than your budget thought at £23, might be a code about though.

PerspicaciaTick Tue 29-Nov-16 14:28:10

If you shop around there are places that do school uniform for dolls, so my DD's doll had a gingham dress that matched my DD's. She also had a Brownie uniform.

1AngelicFruitCake Fri 02-Dec-16 15:14:36

Sorry, forgot about this thread! Thanks so much for the ideas. Clothes seems to be a good idea and I like the idea of a wardrobe. Going to ask her mum if she has pyjamas for her doll. Bathable doll an idea I'll be using for my toddler so that's an added bonus. Never seen a doll clip onto a table but that is such a good idea, I'm going to suggest that to her mum who also needs ideas. Thanks everyone!

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