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Lost roasties recipe and need MN wisdom

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Antsinpants Mon 28-Nov-16 09:17:02

I had an amazing recipe for roast potatoes that involved flour, goose fat and freezing the spuds for storage before putting them in the oven frozen on Christmas day. I did it about three years ago and they were the best roasties I've ever tasted but I can't remember or find the exact recipe. Fully aware that this is a first world problem, but if anyone has it I'd be very grateful if they shared. Think it was orginally in a popular daily news paper Daily Mail

Ifailed Mon 28-Nov-16 09:26:28

googling " roast potatoes that involved flour, goose fat and freezing" comes up with this, which includes a freezing tip. Thankfully, its from the BBC, not the hated daily mail.

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