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What are you putting in your 19 month ds stocking?

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Swifey Mon 28-Nov-16 08:32:26

My other ds who is 4 has lots of interesting things, but I am struggling with my younger ds! Any ideas very welcome smile

MrsDustyBusty Mon 28-Nov-16 09:35:00

My daughter is getting a toot toot drivers car, some finger puppets, a bouncy ball and some of those animals (brand begins with Sch, can't remember the name) so far. I'll probably put in a treat and some stickers too. Possibly some bath toys.

Equimum Mon 28-Nov-16 09:45:49

I have also really struggled with doing DS2s stocking (he'll be 16m). I ended up buying a Happyland safari set on one of ELCs deals and have split it up, so he gets a jeep, a present of two people and several animals, individually wrapped. He has then also got a largish bouncy ball (too big to put in mouth), some Kinder Christmas chocolates, a tub of play doh and some play doh tools.

waitingforsomething Mon 28-Nov-16 09:48:45

DS will be 17 months. I also have a 4 year old DD who has been much easier to buy for! So far I have got him a couple of bouncy balls, some bath toys, a few little cars and a box of peppa pig biscuits.

MerlinsBeard87 Mon 28-Nov-16 15:13:28

My Ds will be 19 months. He has some socks, a book, a little wooden animal horse from a set that we've been collecting (holztiger) and some chunky crayons. It's his first stocking and I'm excited! (even though Dh is grumpy and says he still won't know what's going on)

MonkeyGoneToHeaven Mon 28-Nov-16 16:44:09

My DS will be 20 months - he has some wooden vehicles (ambulance, police car etc.) a bath toy, a little In the Night Garden book set and a Thomas the Tank Engine 'phone'. And some chocolate coins and a Satsuma, because I always got these and it's just not Christmas without them! All the toys are from Mothercare.

theothersideoftheworld Mon 28-Nov-16 16:46:00

I went to toys r us and got lots of little toys for £1. A car, bouncy ball etc. His main presents go under the tree.

speak2me Mon 28-Nov-16 17:31:18

I have DS 4yo and DS 20months. Extras in 20mo stocking that haven't been mentioned so far include toothbrush and paste, flannel, small chunky wooden puzzle, and a fireman Sam DVD!

Kittykatmacbill Tue 29-Nov-16 08:34:41

When dd1 was 22 months she had as listed above plus crayons, flannel, a new bib, a small cuddly, a new little outfit and little jigsaw.

Zaratall Tue 29-Nov-16 09:26:25

16 month old, toot toot driver cars so far!

I'll probably put in a toothbrush and toothpaste, some socks, bath stuff.

PeppaForChristmas Wed 30-Nov-16 11:17:16

My daughter is a couple of months older, she's getting a cuddly toy, Ben and holly little library (small board books) a set of fire engine/ambulance/police car that I got ages ago from asda, a washcloth that expands in water (Poundland) a bag of kinder chocolates, a funny monster headband (home bargains) some hair clips, a battery operated snowglobe that twirls around and lights up (card factory) some rubber ducks and a set of jingle bells.
Her baby sister already has her jingle bells and DD1 loves them, they were about £1 on amazon.

hatsandbagsandshoes Wed 30-Nov-16 11:21:45

My DS will be getting something along the lines of crayons and a colouring book, chocolate coins, a little car, a book, some socks, etc. Not too much in the stocking as we do main presents from us, but the little things go in there. Sooo much fun! You will love it!

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