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Really stuck for ideas - 17yo boy, 15yo girl. £15 budget

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weediculous Sat 26-Nov-16 11:38:53

I need to get a present each for friend's kids. Budget is about £15 each (happy to do joint present). I haven't seen them for about 3 yrs so have no idea what they like. DH doesn't want to give vouchers & is thinking board game or t-shirt each???

weediculous Sat 26-Nov-16 11:39:48

Also needs to be something not too heavy as I'll be sending by post

Bobochic Sat 26-Nov-16 11:41:34

Book via Amazon.

NoahVale Sat 26-Nov-16 11:41:55

top shop voucher or new look for girl

weediculous Sat 26-Nov-16 11:53:54

They do like reading, or at least they did bury kids are much younger so I have no idea what kids their age read

The girl isn't that interested in fashion so top shop doesn't really work either confused

NoahVale Sat 26-Nov-16 11:54:36

some quirky socks?

NoahVale Sat 26-Nov-16 11:55:00

can you find out what books they might like?

Bobochic Sat 26-Nov-16 11:55:13

Can you not make some book suggestions to their parents? Any decent bookshop will give you some ideas.

weediculous Sat 26-Nov-16 11:56:29

Will Google quirky socks! Yes I suppose I could ask what books

Allthebestnamesareused Sat 26-Nov-16 12:04:34

But why not vouchers?? They love them at thst age and now you can get Nandos or Starbucks which always go down well with the teens I know including my own!

weediculous Sat 26-Nov-16 12:12:58

I didn't think of that kind of vouchers.Really good idea but for some reason my DH thinks it's a cop out but I'd rather that than getting something they don't want. I'll see what cafes etc they have near them

NoahVale Sat 26-Nov-16 12:13:38

or cinema vouchers?

skinnyamericano Sat 26-Nov-16 12:15:50

I have bought my 17yo nephew a popcorn maker, but definitely have it sent via amazon as the postage was extortionate!

Or a lightbox, dancing water speakers? All equally heavy of course!

weediculous Sat 26-Nov-16 12:21:16

Ooh cinema vouchers, might go with that. Wtf are dancing water speakers?

skinnyamericano Sat 26-Nov-16 12:32:57

this kind of tat!

Cinema vouchers are a great idea - my DC would love that.

weediculous Sat 26-Nov-16 12:40:58

Cinema tickets it is. Thank you.
My kids would love the water speakers!

belleandsnowwhite Sat 26-Nov-16 14:41:25

Some pjs from primark. I got my dd who is nearly 15 harry potter ones for £12

weediculous Sat 26-Nov-16 15:42:06

Thanks Belle, going to get cinema vouchers. Will get my DD some pjs though

HellsBellsAndBucketsOfBlood Sat 26-Nov-16 22:48:32

I did a cinema box for my teen niece last year.

Cinema voucher, popcorn, drinks and chocolate, she really really liked it, she's asked for it again!

jojomii26 Fri 02-Dec-16 00:26:44

vouchers all the way! I've got nieces and nephews approaching and in their teens. The boys have game vouchers and the girlies have h&m or primark fsmile

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