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Help ne lost my chriatmas mojo

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wonderingsoul Fri 25-Nov-16 18:26:12

I normally love christmas. Do the whole whole. Plan activities elf.. the lot

But if it wasnt for the kids id cancel christmas.

The thought of putting my tree up is depressing . My kids are being shits so dont actually deserve present. But iff course they will. Im stressed with day to day life. Im not single but feel like i am.

I just want to cry

Help me find my love for christmass again.

HandbagCrazy Fri 25-Nov-16 19:26:47

First things first. Stop and breathe.

What are you doing this weekend? How old are your dc? Can you set aside some fun time with them - go for a walk / to the park in the cold? Garden centre to look at the decorations? Town for hot chocolate and soak up the festive feeling? Settle in for a Christmas film with treats?

Secondly - make a list of what you need to buy, then a lot in time to organise it. If you're anything like me, having a plan will help.

I'm not sure what your relationships issues are but if you aren't up to facing them at the moment, can you decide to put them aside until next year and give them as little headspace as possible.

When will you put the tree up? Tell your dc whichever day it will be and start building them up to it (if they're young enough, get them making decorations, if not, get them to help declutter the house and buy a decoration of their choosing).

wonderingsoul Fri 25-Nov-16 19:50:46

Thank you handbag. Im quite tearfull just becayse youv replied.

I was suppossed to be taking my eldest to the cinema for hes birthday treat but work messed up ny pay so i have zero money. Which just adds to my self pity party.

Good advice about relationship issue.. im starting to not care..which is sad in it self. But yes i will try not to think about it till next year. Great advice.

My boys are 7 and 11. 11 year old still enjoys making decs so thats a good idea.. naybe well start with the salt dough decorations.
Got to pic a day for tree. I need and want to clean and declutter first though. Got to find time between working for that though.

I would love to have a movie day and soo yearn for just one nice day with my boys but all they do is fight and argue with each other which just makes me want to run away.

I just need ine day. One day to recharge.

HandbagCrazy Fri 25-Nov-16 20:21:26

At 7 & 11, I don't think you'd be wrong to sit them down, explain that it's important to you that they're friends because you want to watch a film with them.
Could you talk to them about children who don't have very much? Get them to help declutter by picking things they no longer use and taking them to a charity shop.

Not having money always makes everything feel worse. A few years ago I lost my job and was very ill so had no income at all in the 3 months before Christmas and it's hard, but presumably you'll be getting paid soon?
Until then, going to the park with a flash full of hot chocolate, playing games and watching films are all free.
Give the dc jobs to do too. Does dc 2 still believe in Santa? Has he written his letter yet? If not, get him to do that. There's an address with Royal Mail where they'll reply.
Get dc 1 to help his brother with his writing. Get him a cookery book and picking a meal or 2 he wants to help you make.

Also, if you have any childcare options (grandparents / aunties / uncles / friends) - use them! Offer to repay the favour - most parents could do with a child free evening to wrap presents etc. Just get yours first and use it to rest flowers

SlatternIsTrying Fri 25-Nov-16 21:48:07

I didn't want to read and run.

Don't force it. You are having a bad day. Tomorrow is another day and if it starts off with the DCs fighting try having a word explaining how much it's wearing you down.

You still have plenty of time to get in the spirit.

flapjackfairy Sun 27-Nov-16 19:57:24

It doesnt help when the weather is damp and miserable and kids are stuck in so get them out to wear them out if possible.
Also i think all the pressure to clean ,decorate, (lose a stone ha ha ) and generally create the perfect christmas can end up leaving us exhausted and ready to cancel the whole thing. Somebody reminded me on a thread i posted when i was having a little panic over the neighbour having got their tree up (which made me feel disorganised) that it is supposed to be fun!!
So no manic cleaning ,decluttering for me ! I am going to lower my expectations and try to enjoy it more!

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