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Can we have a "what do I buy for this person?" thread?

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GetTheGoodLookingGuy Fri 25-Nov-16 12:34:35

People I have left to buy for:

1. Friends who have a six-year-old. I usually buy something for the three of them rather than individual presents. I'm thinking maybe a board game? Any suggestions. Max budget £20, and definitely nothing edible, as they're always still offering Christmas bisuits around to visitors at Easter!

2. Newly-wed friends who've just bought their first flat together. I'm thinking maybe something for their flat? But no idea what (I haven't even been there yet!). Budget £10-15.

3. A friend who's also fairly recently married with a new baby. I usually just by for my friend (I don't know her husband very well), but this year I want to get something for the baby too, and then I couldn't very well leave her DH out, so again probably something for all of them. Would a pair of Christmas socks for him, a pair for her, and a pair for the baby be too strange? Budget £10-15 again.

Any ideas?

Feel free to post people you need ideas for below, but I can't promise I'll be much help to anyone as I'm rubbish at thinking of things hence this thread

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