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Best wireless headphones

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Florabella Fri 25-Nov-16 10:43:23

I saw a clip of a programme where three wireless headphones were reviewed, and there was one came out as being as good as Beats, but less than half the price. Did anyone happen to see it? I can't remember what programme it was or even what channel.

Or can anyone recommend good wireless headphones?

DeepfriedPizza Fri 25-Nov-16 10:49:37

I have a pair of urbanears. I got them on sale, they are usually £79. They are fab.
We as a household have 2 pairs. one pair for going to the gym, they do not fall off when running and another pair for in the house. I can't deal with sweaty headphones being used on a clean head lol. The bit that goes round your head can come off and get washed though.

Florabella Fri 25-Nov-16 11:01:24

That sounds great, and in the right price range. I'll take a look - thanks

Bloopbleep Fri 25-Nov-16 12:19:40

Don't get jaybird x range. Really uncomfortable for smaller ears and sound quality is poor for the price.

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