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Only buying for children at Christmas. How does it work?

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backonthewagon Thu 24-Nov-16 16:58:01

I can see this works if both parties have young children . But do you not buy your parents or grandparents anything even if they buy for your children? And what about if you have siblings without children? Do they buy for your children but you don't get them anything?

dementedpixie Thu 24-Nov-16 17:00:22

We buy for children, our own parents and any siblings without a partner/children. That makes it fairer on those who buy for ours but don't have kids.

7SunshineSeven7 Thu 24-Nov-16 17:01:22

If they have kids = buy for the kids
If no kids= buy for the adults

trilbydoll Thu 24-Nov-16 17:06:01

My great aunt used to buy for the youngest generation. So my dad stopped getting a present my first Xmas.

SatsukiKusakabe Thu 24-Nov-16 17:23:26

I buy my Mum and Dad a book each for Christmas, and my sibling who is single. My other sibling I buy for his child and vice Versaceand give the adults something like a tin of biscuits or alcohol, but no actual 'presents'

KC225 Thu 24-Nov-16 17:24:08

SIL they have two, we have two. We only do kids presents. We buy MIL and DM. Close friend, single parent to one. She buys for my two and I buy two presents one from each of mine as they love to choose for him. Close friend with grown up children. She buys for my children. I buy her nice present and DH a token gift.

SatsukiKusakabe Thu 24-Nov-16 17:24:20

That's meant to say vice versa. Autocorrect making me sound like Del Boy.

Arrowfanatic Thu 24-Nov-16 18:50:52

We buy for children, that's it. So many adults who are immidate family we would be broke. They're grown ups, they understand that presents for Xmas are really for children and that when money is tight it makes sense to spend it on the children only.

shakemysilliesout Thu 24-Nov-16 19:27:19

I buy for my niece's and nephews, mum, dad and grandma, mil and fil. I receive from dh, sometimes mum, dad and in laws but not set in stone. But all I really want is a chocolate orange!! Don't know when I will cut off niece's and nephews...I guess after uni?

BaggyCheeks Thu 24-Nov-16 19:43:32

We work it the same way as 7Sunshine.

NotCitrus Thu 24-Nov-16 19:47:26

We buy for my niece and nephew, but not their parents any more, mostly because postage was a waste. SIL without children might get a token, our parents all get books, more because they have all the stuff they want already. PILs will give everyone piles of stuff whether they want it or not. My parents will give token items to us and some money, usually, though the kids usually get practical presents from them and toys in the year.

MTWTFSS Thu 24-Nov-16 20:20:08

I only buy for children. This year DC have bought a present for their daddy smile

WiltingTulip Fri 25-Nov-16 02:20:35

We do a secret Santa for the adults and buy for the children. I have more children than everyone but suggest a group gift (board game etc).

(In my dream world I wouldn't buy for any adult and focus on the "day").

LostInTheColonies Fri 25-Nov-16 03:27:39

We buy for children, and do one decent Secret Santa for one other adult only (very secret) - so if you're lucky, your present comes from someone with taste rather than DM grin. Then we can all spend ages trying to work out who bought what. Everyone gets a stocking with small pieces of silliness in it .

ElizaDontlittle Fri 25-Nov-16 03:48:51

It works out super expensive, by comparison, if you're the one amongst those you're closest to not have children at home, but fortunately I love choosing presents and set myself a budget and stick to it.

kath6144 Fri 25-Nov-16 08:07:56

We buy for the DH niece& nephew and DH cousin, also our parents (just PIL now as DM died earlier in year), plus my cousins grandson, my cousin is more like a sister to me and she buys my 2.

I also buy 3 girl friends and the children of two other friends, plus DH godson, all teenagers and similar age to mine.

For those who buy for teenagers, at what age will you stop buying? A friend and I (who both have DC turning 19 this week) agreed to carry on with both birthdays & xmas till 21. DH cousin is 22 next week, finished uni but not yet got a job as far as I know. I was intending stopping birthday but carrying on xmas for the time being? Is this reasonable?

My BF (also DDs godmother) has always bought both DC for birthday and xmas. She doesnt have kids but I buy her on both occasions and spend more than other friends. When DS turned 18 last year, she said she would give him a good 18th present, then stop birthdays but maybe buy a little something for xmas. However, she said she carried on birthdays to 21 for relatives and godchildren, so DD will get birthday presents till 21. This sounded reasonable to me.

guffaux Fri 25-Nov-16 12:35:26

we buy (or actually give money if they prefer this) for nieces nephews godchildren - we receive nothing back, no adult presents for their parents, we exchange presents with our parents and our friends, but dont buy for friends' children..

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