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Can we have a what to buy teachers thread?

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hippoherostandinghere Thu 24-Nov-16 13:55:48

Because it's the present I also get stuck on and I don't say a similar thread lurking about.

1st teacher male, mid 30's, sporty, funny likes football and coffee.
2nd teacher female late 40s but very glam, likes make-up, jewellery.

I've absolutely no ideas so far but they're both brilliant with my kids so would like to get it right.

hippoherostandinghere Thu 24-Nov-16 13:56:12

*don't see

Haudyerwheesht Thu 24-Nov-16 13:58:37

I have teacher to buy for same as your first one and I suspect I'll get him a bottle of something or a Starbucks voucher...

2nd teacher - voucher for somewhere like debenhams counter or again Starbucks

I've got dd's teacher a gorgeous sketchbook because she's an artist.

AlwaysNeverOnTime Thu 24-Nov-16 14:48:06

Costa voucher

Boots voucher

DesolateWaist Thu 24-Nov-16 14:53:36

Bottles of wine or boxes of chocolates.
That way if they don't like them they can swap with other teachers without any hard feelings.

I teach and I have a friend who is a teacher. She drink red and I drink white. We swap every Christmas and end of term.

Oh, and before people get all aerated about teacher and Christmas presents, no teacher ever expects anything. They will not treat your child differently if you give them nothing at all.

lilydaisyrose Thu 24-Nov-16 14:55:03

I get mine National Book Tokens.

Iris1 Thu 24-Nov-16 15:01:07

I have four teachers, a senco, my sons 1:1 TA and my daughters fave Ta to buy for. This year I'm taking my kids to John Lewis to choose each one a nice tree decoration.
Will say around £4/5 each.

Last summer I bought cath kidston totes in the sale for £5 each which went down very well. Ended up buying choc and wine for the one make teacher though and again tbh is year I have another male teacher so thought decorations would be good.
I'm considering getting my sons 1:1 a bottle of prosecco too because she's just amazing with him and I appreciate her so much

PJBanana Thu 24-Nov-16 15:05:40

Ideas for 1st teacher: some 'nice' coffee or a selection of coffees for the staff room. Does he support a specific team? Maybe a calendar for his desk with his team on? Or a simple Costa/Starbucks voucher?

Ideas for 2nd teacher: boots voucher, charm for a charm bracelet, a nice neutral makeup palette?

hippoherostandinghere Thu 24-Nov-16 15:30:47

Thanks for all the great ideas. He supports Liverpool but I'd never spend my hard earned cash on their merchandise

Ive just saw
this which looks quite funny.

BonesyBones Thu 24-Nov-16 19:17:00

hippo if you like that calendar you might find something here that you'll like too.

For coffee lovers beanies sets are good, they have different flavours and a bigger, more expensive set too.

Ladydepp Thu 24-Nov-16 20:42:42

Any suggestions for a class gift? We will probably have a hundred quid or so to spend on the teacher - do I just ask her what she wants or get a voucher or what?

Maybe fizz + chocs + voucher ???

Makemineacabsauv Thu 24-Nov-16 21:32:30

As a teacher I don't expect gifts and am always overwhelmed when parents/children do give. Please do t give 'best teacher' gifts as you get so many and you don't really wear best teacher brooches or display best teacher teddies! As a parent I always give wine unless I know they don't drink - i.e. Ds had a Mormon teacher so I knew it would be donated to the tombola. Most teachers love wine and it is a handy gift to use over Xmas even if it isn't to your taste. I also love tree decorations and have some from years ago and remember the child who gave me them, but I am
Not a colour coordinated tree person so others may not like that! Chops are great but half the staffroom always seems to be on a diet!! I also love getting bubble bath and nice toiletries. Appreciate absolutely everything though! Never had a voucher collection but depending on age I'd say M&S (food n wine as well!!) love to shop, Debenhams, John Lewis etc, somewhere quite generic!

5OBalesofHay Thu 24-Nov-16 21:45:52

Why on earth do you buy for teachers? Is this a thing now?

AllPizzasGreatAndSmall Thu 24-Nov-16 22:12:28

As previously said nothing is expected, but if you do want to get a voucher then what about a Ticketmaster one - I got one at the end of the year which I was very happy to receive.

AllPizzasGreatAndSmall Thu 24-Nov-16 22:14:44

Why on earth do you buy for teachers? Is this a thing now?

Have you had children at school in the last twenty years, if so how could you fail to be aware of this?

Corialanusburt Thu 24-Nov-16 22:18:34

DD's teachers often give hefty hints, especially the older ones so y3 teacher got her favourite white toblerone and another got red wine. Current teacher keeps class pencils in old wooden Port boxes so he will get Port..

bigredfireengine Thu 24-Nov-16 22:19:38

Why on earth do you buy for teachers? Is this a thing now?

It is over 40 years since I was at primary school and we took gifts then. So not a new thing

5OBalesofHay Thu 24-Nov-16 22:20:32

Yep. Had children at school for 30 years (for reasons I won't go into) but have never bought presents for them. Neither do I buy for my Doctor, my dentist, the postman, the people in h coop who serve me everyday or anyone else that i have a professional relationship with. Why would you?

bigredfireengine Thu 24-Nov-16 22:20:53

Chops are great but half the staffroom always seems to be on a diet!!

In 30 years as a teacher never had chops. Is it a local tradition?

MistressMortificado Thu 24-Nov-16 22:21:39


Depends on how well they do their job.

Fairenuff Thu 24-Nov-16 22:25:31

The teachers I work with don't usually drink Starbucks/Costa. They just get coffee in the staffroom so a voucher might be a bit of a waste.

MotherOfBeagles Thu 24-Nov-16 22:32:48

Someone bought me a goat... lol a gift to a charity as they know I love animals and I have a loose pennies box in my classroom for ones dropped in street etc. So I've had chickens and goats. All sorts!

LadyMetroland Thu 24-Nov-16 22:35:12

We always have a whole class collection, which is spent on John Lewis vouchers.

Can't go wrong with that.

IamHappy1976 Thu 24-Nov-16 22:36:46

My favourite gift ever was a card, written by the pupil with a chocolate coin in it, and the words, "thanks, miss".
No teacher ever expects a gift!
And buying gifts based in how well they have done with your child mistress mortificado?!?! Unless you are in the classroom 100%, you have no idea how well/poorly the teacher is helping your child to develop! Their great progress may come from a TA or a cleaner they talk to at lunch. It's not all about the class teacher!
PS hate champagne prefer nothing :-)

SurvivalOfTheUnfittest Thu 24-Nov-16 22:36:48

As a teacher, another vote for Christmas decorations because each year when I get them out I remember the children that gave them to me.

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