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Lego Minecraft - which set?

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BiddyPop Thu 24-Nov-16 08:23:28

DNephew is big into Lego, and also minecraft. So we had thought about getting him minecraft lego - and then saw the price!!

Our budget is approx. £25 for each DNiece/DNephew, so I don't want to go overboard. But it seems such a small box for the price!! (One of his DSis's is getting a cosy hoodie from us, by way of example - which actually only cost half the budget as I got it in a stonkingly good offer - it's a good brand that the family normally loves and a colour the girl in question adores - but it will be a much bigger parcel).

I had though if the "Brick Friday" offers are good enough, to get both the Iron Golem and the Dungeon sets - but I am not sure the offers will be that good. Both are currently £20.

If you had to get one, or an 8 year old boy was getting one, which would be better of those 2?

Or is there a better idea that I could source over the internet? (My days of getting to shops are limited and there are no toy shops that I can easily access just now).


J3NN1 Thu 24-Nov-16 10:30:16

We have the iron golem one but it is tiny, all the Lego minecraft is. At 8 I think he is old enough to understand that the Lego costs more and you shouldn't worry that it looks smaller if it is something you think he will love. Chuck a selection box in too and you're sorted grin

Failing that, does he have access to a phone/tablet/iPod?
If so minecraft do a stop motion movie creator which looks amazing, down to £20 on amazon and you can get a couple of the blind boxes where the figures are the same size and he can create stop motion videos.

BiddyPop Thu 24-Nov-16 17:38:37

Thanks, I'll investigate that at home but seems promising

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