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Too Good at Bargain Hunting?

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Sniv Wed 23-Nov-16 18:43:27

I've had such a good crop of bargains this year I'm starting to worry I'll make people feel awkward with stupidly lavish gifts.

I'm doing a £30 stocking for someone this year, and one of things they asked for was Sanctuary Spa stuff, so I set about looking for what I could get for a tenner, and was a bit disappointed with the dinky sets of crap -value half-size bottles. Imagine my joy when my regular trawl of TK Maxx netted me a honking great box stuffed with £25's worth full-size bits for £10.

But now I'm looking at it thinking it not only looks massively extravagant, especially with everything else (I've made that £30 go a loooong way), it won't even fit in the bloody stocking unless I empty it out of its lovely gift box. Ahhhgh.

Surely some of you professional standard bargain hunters are in the same boat?

chanie44 Wed 23-Nov-16 21:19:45

My sister tasks me with buying stocking fillers for her children and is amazed with how much I can get for the budget.

My trick is to make sure the gifts I buy 'look' of equal value, even if I haven't spent the same.

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