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star lily unicorn

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Jetcatisback Wed 23-Nov-16 17:09:46

After planning out and budgeting very carefully for Christmas, DD2 has now asked Santa for a Star Lily unicorn - the only toy she wants (the rest is books).

Can anyone recommend where to buy one from as cheap as possible [fflowers]

J3NN1 Wed 23-Nov-16 17:17:22

I think at the moment it's around £101 on amazon. If you go to you can see how cheap it's been before (around £82) and set an alert to email you when the price drops again.
We bought this for our dd3 last year (luckily in the Argos 3for2) and I thought it would be a rubbish fad but she still loves it now and plays with her almost daily.

ALongTimeComing Wed 23-Nov-16 17:20:57

If you know anyone that's a member of Costco they are £95.

glenthebattleostrich Wed 23-Nov-16 17:21:12

Costco have them onlinefir£95 delivered. They are a bit cheaper in-store if you know anyone with a card or are anywhere near Sheffield (I can meet you and use mine)

Jetcatisback Wed 23-Nov-16 19:09:23

Ooh thanks, Costco may be the way to go then, and glad to hear it may actually be played with!

J3NN1 Thu 24-Nov-16 09:32:29

£89.08 on amazon now grin

Wormwoodm Fri 25-Nov-16 07:35:33

£64.99 in John Lewis Black Friday deal!

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