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Am I allowed to buy something for me?

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Graphista Wed 23-Nov-16 13:36:28

IF I can afford it of course.

My tablet (android) is on its last legs. I've had it a couple years and it's now turning off for no apparent reason, doing weird stuff with updates and as I write (I'm on my phone) the speaker/sound is dodgy too.

So as not to drip feed and to get any flaming out the way -

Yes I'm a lone parent on benefits (and this usually means we're not hardly allowed a choc bar let alone tech according to some on here hmm)

But I'm housebound (agoraphobia plus physical disability) and as well as the usual (streaming, social media) I also use it to manage my finances including online banking (which is a pain to do on the phone), shop (online grocery delivery due to the agoraphobia, communicate via email for various official things including with my mental health team etc). its Black Friday 'week' confused I'm wondering whether to get an Amazon Fire.

If I did would I be able to do everything I need to (I like the google play stuff plus would like to basically just do same with same apps on it) plus I have ms office apps (word and excel) that I'm more comfortable using than other products.

It would be nice if I were able to use iplayer/itv hub etc too on the fire as current tablet really doesn't like those apps.

Am I being selfish?

Is the fire right for me?

Shinyshoes2 Wed 23-Nov-16 13:38:23

I bought myself an iPad air last christmas as a treat for myself
Do it

TwitterQueen1 Wed 23-Nov-16 13:38:50

No you're not being selfish
You don't need anyone to give you permission. You have a requirement for piece of tech that makes your life easier.

Is the Fire right? Absolutely no idea! Sorry fgrin

KikiNeedsABroom Wed 23-Nov-16 13:39:19

I can't comment on what to buy as I don't have experience, but you absolutely can buy something for yourself which sounds like it is your life line you can buy anything you like for all I care

NickyEds Wed 23-Nov-16 13:42:14

No idea about what tech but you shouldn't feel bad about it! It sounds like you would struggle without it.

Graphista Wed 23-Nov-16 13:44:14

Thank you for being so kind, it really is my lifeline as I also don't sleep well (due to the health issues) so being able to pop a film on or go to various chat places (mn of course but also ones for others with same issues) if I'm feeling especially anxious helps.

Also my eyesight not great even with glasses (the joys of ageing confused).

IceLemonGin Wed 23-Nov-16 13:44:34

You should buy it. If you need to justify it to yourself just see it as an essential to running family life as you use it to order groceries, do banking etc as well as giving you a contact to the world which must be vital if you suffer from agoraphobia.

I don't know anything about the Fire but my DM has one and really raves about it!

Nanasueathome Wed 23-Nov-16 13:45:58

I always buy myself a present
This year I have bought the Jo Malone advent calendar

AnchorDownDeepBreath Wed 23-Nov-16 13:47:30

It's on offer at the moment if you're quick!

Sixisthemagicnumber Wed 23-Nov-16 13:49:25

I'm not working as I'm a carer (DH works though) and I always get myself something as DH is rubbish at buying presents. I don't feel even slightly guilty.

kimlo Wed 23-Nov-16 13:53:15

its £29.99 at the moment, for the amount you are going to use it thats well worth it.

Dont feel guilty about getting yourself things.

recklessgran Wed 23-Nov-16 14:36:55

Please just get it if you can - you deserve it!
[I think you'll find that most people's issues aimed at folk on benefits is not about lovely people like you who are trying against the odds to have some sort of quality of life but about the feckless, lazy people who choose benefits as a lifestyle choice when they could be working and contributing to help people like you who are completely genuine!]
Really hope you have a lovely Christmas Graphista.x

PJBanana Wed 23-Nov-16 14:56:19

The Amazon Fire is supposed to be a great tablet, and it's a complete bargain for £29.99.

Definitely go for it! Everyone deserves a treat at Christmas grin

Graphista Wed 23-Nov-16 15:26:50

That price is very appealing (I was looking on Amazon for something else).

oldlaundbooth Wed 23-Nov-16 15:33:03

Do it, you deserve a treat.

RashyMcRasherson Wed 23-Nov-16 15:34:47

I have one and its great. £30 is a bargain.

expatinscotland Wed 23-Nov-16 15:39:09

I bought myself a butter churn. I'm so excited.

Graphista Wed 23-Nov-16 15:40:10

Rashy - can I do what I want to on it? Can I get google play on it?

Sixisthemagicnumber Wed 23-Nov-16 20:30:00

You can get google play on the kindle fire but it isn't straightforward because Amazon try to restrict you to using the Amazon store.

Graphista Wed 23-Nov-16 20:40:55

Is it legal?

KC225 Wed 23-Nov-16 20:49:58

I'm getting one of the 30.00 quid jobbies. I have bought for them as presents for the whole family over the last couple of years and I am the only one who doesn't have one.

Go on treat yourself.

MTWTFSS Wed 23-Nov-16 20:50:34

Definitely go for it!!!

My birthday is in December so I buy myself birthday and Christmas presents grin DH and DC don't buy me presents so this is all I get.

Sixisthemagicnumber Wed 23-Nov-16 20:53:49

It is legal but not straightforward and I think you need to connect the tablet to a pc to do it (or at least you did on early versions).

Cocolepew Wed 23-Nov-16 20:54:40

I bought one today because of the price. Tesco do a SD card for a fiver if you need more memory.

Graphista Wed 23-Nov-16 21:31:28

Ah no pc available

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