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Kids Camera/Tablet/LeapPad

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onedayimightforget Wed 23-Nov-16 10:52:23

DD is nearly 3 and we're looking to get her a kids camera or LeapPad or something like it. The VTech DigiGo looked great but there are apparently problems with connecting to the VTech Learning Lodge so loads of people haven't even been able to use it properly. There's so much choice I've no idea what to go for.

She loves taking and looking at photos but the KidiZoom display looks a bit small and it's not that high resolution (you can get ordinary, cheaper cameras with higher). I'd like something that can have learning games on it and also the option of watching videos (we often get nursery rhymes on YouTube so we can sing along and I can learn the words). So that made me think a tablet might be better but it would need to have the option for very strict parental controls and there's something I don't like about someone so little having something made for an adult. Does what I want even exist?!

Give me your recommendations!

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