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DS(4) wants a transformer (transporter?) that turns into a digger. Any ideas please?

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JenniferYellowHat1980 Tue 22-Nov-16 19:29:28

I think he must have seen it on a TV ad at GPs but we mainly use Netflix so I have no idea what he means. Any suggestions please?

Believeitornot Tue 22-Nov-16 19:30:39

Transformer rescue bots?

DixieNormas Tue 22-Nov-16 19:33:57

Ds 4 who is nearly 4 said the same, turned out to be dinotrux dinosaurs that are construction things, might be worth a look.

Euripidesralph Tue 22-Nov-16 19:34:42

Boulder from rescue bots?

DrSeuss Tue 22-Nov-16 19:35:04

JenniferYellowHat1980 Tue 22-Nov-16 19:35:54

Got it, thanks. It's boulder I think.

DixieNormas Tue 22-Nov-16 19:35:56

Or I think one of the Optimus prime transformers had a digger arm

SpringerS Tue 22-Nov-16 19:59:18

Boulder was who came to mind as soon as I saw the thread title. He's technically a bulldozer though in rescan mode (ie how to milk even more toys from the franchise mode) he can be a dump truck.

Misty9 Tue 22-Nov-16 21:10:15

Ooh, which ones turn into a fire truck and a boat please? Probably not the ones I've bloody ordered before this latest detail was volunteered...

SatsukiKusakabe Tue 22-Nov-16 23:29:06

Heatwave is the fire truck rescue bot - he also transform into a fire boat (that would be a separate toy) and High Tide is the boat.

SpringerS Tue 22-Nov-16 23:43:52

Heatwave also turns into a boat. It's his rescan mode. But none of the toys can be the robot, firetruck and boat. You'd have to buy both Heatwave toys to get both vehicles.

It's such a cynical toy selling strategy, like Paw Patrol constantly giving the pups new abilities/adding new characters every third episode. And Blaze turning from monster machine to race car when he jumps through a portal on new character Swoops. It's infuriating.

SatsukiKusakabe Wed 23-Nov-16 12:29:23

Yes it's like when they dinosaur mode for a series. We didn't bother with those, just the standard rescue bots with bulldozer, fire engine, police car and helicopter. I have got the female one for dd this Christmas.

Ds has wanted Optimus prime with a trailer like in the show for ages, instead of just a cab, finally found one this year!

Misty9 Wed 23-Nov-16 23:16:58

Are the rescue bots any good? They look a bit plasticky online...

SatsukiKusakabe Wed 23-Nov-16 23:47:28

My ds has had them a couple of years and they get played with a lot and ferried about by his toddler sister now too and I would say they are very robust, and good quality solid plastic and also easy to transform. They've never been frustrated with them. They were expensive but they have been a good buy. He got them aged 3 and they are still very much favourites at 5 1/2. My mum bought him one of the three step changer transformers aimed at older kids and the plastic on that was very brittle by contrast and fell to bits within weeks.

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