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how do we make christmastime fun now our kids are grown up?

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Tigerpaws57 Tue 22-Nov-16 17:36:11

I have always loved Christmas, not just the day itself, but all the preparations, the traditions and the aftermath. When the children were little there was so much going on and so much excitement - school plays and parties, carol services, lots of craft activities beforehand, the whole exciting santa thing, lots of toys and games to be assembled and enjoyed, even Christmas tv was exciting. So now they are all grown up but not yet coupled up so still come home to us for at least a few days over Christmas. For the last couple of years we have shaken it up by having an assortment of friends to stay but this year it will just be the five of us. There are some family traditions which we all really want to keep but I would really like to inject a bit of more age-appropriate fun into things. Anyone got any suggestions for a lovely grown-up family Christmas holiday?

Humphriescushion Tue 22-Nov-16 17:58:00

Going to keep an eye on this thread since I was wondering about this as well. Normally we have a big crowd for christmas dinner but this year only five of us. Going to try and think of things to make it feel more special.

So was thinking about more grown up drinks (-expensive!) and food - maybe a cocktail, champagne and sea food as a starter. We often have a small walk before or after dinner so maybe this year a longer brisker walk. Thinking about going out for a a naice lunch on christmas eve. Then cooking the ham as normal and getting a good film we all want to see. Last year we went skiing for two days between christmas and new year, ( we can do this where we live) but cant afford that this year - however something like that, or night away if you can afford it as wonderful. Oh and I have started a new sport so everyone is going to try that with me.

Hope you get some more replys so I can get ideas as well.

Scentofwater Tue 22-Nov-16 18:12:56

When I was that grown up but not yet coupled up child I loved playing party games/ board games, getting merry on mulled wine and thrashing my bil at cranium. Could you get a new fun game for everyone to play?

I know Father Christmas doesn't really have time to deliver stockings for adults so my dh and I have done ones for each other, but you could do them secret santa style. Leads to much entertaining creeping around in the middle of the night hoping everyone is asleep.

Though I was always the one most into Christmas so I'd say you need to pitch it at the level everyone can enjoy. It was frustrating to feel like everyone needed jollying along!

DamsonGinIsMyThing Tue 22-Nov-16 18:14:23

We do board games and party games and they always go down well, ones like articulate.

Chrisinthemorning Tue 22-Nov-16 18:19:08

Still do stockings. Good films, both a cinema trip and get a few new films on box office or similar.
Lots of nice booze around grin .Good food. I agree a game, Cards against Humanity if you have that sort of relationship, if not something long and addictive, like Settlers of Catan.
Meal out/ go to church/ go to pub with Dad buying grin

throwingpebbles Tue 22-Nov-16 22:46:46

We did jokey letters to Santa and read them out to each other; posh boozy Christmas Eve supper that we all prepared together;
I got a new game for everyone to play each year
Jokey presents/themes for presents (my siblings did a year where all their presents to us had to be free)
Still getting together and doing childhood things - decorating tree, making a gingerbread house
Plus new traditions like a Christmas morning run; having friends round one evening for lots of drinks

ArriettyMatilda Tue 22-Nov-16 23:51:16

Bucks fizz whilst opening the presents is my favourite way to start Christmas morning. I think my dad and I have done that most years since I turned 18.

recklessgran Wed 23-Nov-16 00:39:48

All adults here too. Christmas Eve down to village pub for carol singing and a couple of drinks at 5.00pm having already done the food prep for Christmas Day. Then home for candlelit fillet steak dinner. Incorporated in this is the naff Christmas jumper competition [think Primark not Armani!] Prize is suitably naff selection box. This is followed by more drinking and chatting. Christmas Day, stockings for all in the morning followed by guests arriving for lunch [12 in all this year.] Dinner about 2.00pm. Main present opening from about 3.30pm followed by a game of Mean Santa. This is our tradition and a bit of a highlight. For the uninitiated get a sack and fill it with wrapped pound shop "prizes" then add about three or four better gifts valued at about £10. All sit round and take turns to throw the dice [We got a large one from Amazon for this purpose] If you throw a 6 you take a gift from the sack and open it. If you throw a 1 you can "steal" a gift from another participant and you carry on until the sack is empty and all the gifts in the meantime have been redistributed amongst much hilarity as everyone tries to secure the "better" prizes for themselves. After this it is a small buffet tea where everybody pitches in to prep and get it on the table. The younger ones are then in charge of cocktails to round off the evening. On Boxing Day it's a big lay in and then games night from 5.00pm with an assortment of friends and family, large buffet and lots of drinking. Works for us anyway.
Pity we just can't seem to get New Year right-guess we've run out of steam by then. It's usually just me and DH waiting for Big Ben and then going to bed - keep saying we will go away for New Year but never quite get round to organising it. Oh well, Christmas is always lovely!

Tigerpaws57 Wed 18-Oct-17 21:32:54

Some great suggestions last year! Just reviving this thread to see if anyone has any further bright ideas to add?

RenardeRenarde Wed 18-Oct-17 22:08:27

No suggestions for the run up but in our house (all adult family members/partners) we always play silly party games at the table. Pie face has gone down really well in the past, I think last year we had a balloon modelling competition (the worse you are the funnier it is) and we usually do “name that tune” on a kazoo :D You can normally get random games pretty cheaply from Debenhams on those huge gift stands of crap they do at Christmas, or I bet Amazon have loads of choice.

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