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Gifts for you in the £15-£20 region

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SimonNeilshair Mon 21-Nov-16 17:37:26

Apologies if this has been done already.

We do amazon gift lists for family with a budget of around £15. I'm struggling with thinking of what to put on mine, I'd quite like something indulgent just for me, the kind of thing I wouldn't spend on treating myself.

Does anyone have any ideas?

Allthebestnamesareused Mon 21-Nov-16 17:39:53

Leather gloves, makeup, handcream, posh shower gel (that you don't under any circumstances leave in there for anyone else to use), soft expensive socks

wobblywonderwoman Mon 21-Nov-16 17:42:03

I love clarins hand cream
Sanctuary scrub from boots
Nice earrings
Pretty scarf
Yankee candle
Emma Bridgwater mug
St Tropez bronzing powder
HD brow kit

They are all in and around that budget

Pyrrha Mon 21-Nov-16 17:42:49

Opi nail varnish
Yankee candles
Loccitane verbena toiletries
Cross stitch kit - that might just be me though!
One of those colouring books with pens

trixymalixy Mon 21-Nov-16 17:46:18

On my list would be:

clarin's hand cream
penguin clothbound classics
leather gloves
pom pom hat
heirloom Christmas jigsaw

OdinsLoveChild Mon 21-Nov-16 17:46:26

Furry hot water bottle
Fluffy slippers
Pyjamas probably fluffy
Scarf, preferably long woolly and warm
£20 worth of naice chocolate
Bottle of lavender gin
Bottle of Earl Grey Gin

HRarehoundingme Mon 21-Nov-16 17:54:41

My luxury items are ; Oliver Bonas slipper socks, a srummy snuggly dressing gown, lovely body lotion - I like citrus blush moisturiser, cashmere fingerless gloves, lovely scented candle, books.

However my idea of luxury is a long, hot soak in the bath; with a lovely scented candle, followed by snuggling up in a soft blanket/dressing gown with a huge pile of books,

Scotlass Mon 21-Nov-16 18:24:08

I live new pj's, socks, handcream, bubblebath, socks, makeup, beauty voucher to put towards a massage (happy to top up with my own money but would feel guilty as its luxury). I love prossecco and chocolates as a gift too

SimonNeilshair Mon 21-Nov-16 18:27:25

I'm loving all these suggestions, thank you. Sometimes it's really difficult thinking of treats to have for yourself. I love choosing and buying things for other people, but myself not so much.

daisydalrymple Mon 21-Nov-16 22:50:04

Another vote for clarins hand cream.
I also love their wonder perfect mascara, which is available in a little gift set for £20 on Amazon (on my list grin )
I love lily flame candles so would put a couple of my faves on my list
Also some books maybe. I'm loving some of the British library's crime classics series with a Christmas theme!

Interestingangelfish Mon 21-Nov-16 23:15:40

Nice bottle of wine.
Reed diffuser
Kindle voucher
Voucher for a tea-room/coffee shop you like
Cinema voucher
(You see, I like vouchers).

Leatherboundanddown Tue 22-Nov-16 15:40:48

I like :

Leather notebooks,
A bento box/decent lunch box,
One of those lights that project patterns on the ceiling,

josieberry Tue 22-Nov-16 19:48:15

I love thick sheepskin innersoles for my boots and wellies. Not sexy but so comfortable. Leather gloves too.

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