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Ideas for the work secret santa

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creampie Mon 21-Nov-16 13:04:31

Thought we could have a thread for links to nice gifts around the £5 mark that would be suitable for a work secret santa. Once again, I have absolutely no idea what to get and am hoping to steal some ideas!

chanie44 Mon 21-Nov-16 16:31:42

Lush bath bomb or bubble bar
Some nice stationery like a pen
Mug or water bottle
Xmas socks

Interesting tea bags/coffee/hot choc in a mug
Thermal mug
Pen and notebook
I'm always glad to receive nice bookmarks
Panetonne (sp?) /Christmas shortbread
'Posh' cheese and crackers
Locally brewed beer

Iamblossom Mon 21-Nov-16 19:06:26

The adults ladybird book series are perfect for this. I have bought my boss The Meeting. hILarious.

Iamblossom Mon 21-Nov-16 19:08:28

At the other end of the spectrum I have also bough a santa loo seat cover and accompanying festive loo roll blush

Yes to the Ladybird books - lots of places have offers on them.

ethelb Mon 21-Nov-16 19:11:57

Scented candles. Next are doing alphabet ones for £5 and sainsburys and waitrose do nice own brand candles.

Like the sound of alphabet candles. M&S do nice alphabet mugs - think they are £6 iirc.

Muji do really nice candles too.

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