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Just discovered the duchesses family company ...

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Inthenick Sun 20-Nov-16 22:52:39

Party pieces, and it's fab For cheap bits and bobs. Some stuff I was struggling to find on Amazon even. Good stocking fillers.

Bleurghghghgh Sun 20-Nov-16 22:53:27

Ok carol

throwingpebbles Sun 20-Nov-16 23:06:47

bleurgh grin

Inthenick Sun 20-Nov-16 23:23:21

Hey no! Seriously I'm a long time poster. I was really surprised and they have a proper Christmas section with stocking fillers. Just came across it googling and thought I'd share.

VanillaSugarAndChristmasSpice Sun 20-Nov-16 23:27:40

Overpriced tat which they capitalised on when Woolworths went just.

VanillaSugarAndChristmasSpice Sun 20-Nov-16 23:28:04

Just bust.

CelestialLight Sun 20-Nov-16 23:30:42

To be fair I used them when my eldest was little and he's twenty now, they were very good then. Not sure he'd appreciate it all now though 😀

HeCantBeSerious Sun 20-Nov-16 23:35:33

You can also pay a small fortune to eat your near and dear ones' faces printed on marshmallows. I don't know how anyone managed without them. hmm

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