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HELP - None Toy Presents

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violetbeth Sat 19-Nov-16 19:01:37


I always buy my friends children gifts (nothing too expensive) but I am really struggling with ideas this year....they have a HUGE family and loads of toys. Does anyone have any suggestions of something they make like that is not necessarily a toy.

One set of siblings are 18 months and just gone 3
One set of siblings are 3 and 5

I try not to buy anything 'gender' as they play with anything but looking for NONE TOY ideas...that are sort of similar to save arguments.

Thank you

Gizlotsmum Sat 19-Nov-16 19:05:36

Would you consider a game? Orchard toys do some really good ones. Or books? Can get slightly older age ones for the parents to read?

Doje Sat 19-Nov-16 19:06:10

What about craft type stuff? That was it's not taking up space but they can have fun making it and then it magically gets transferred to the bin.

wobblywonderwoman Sat 19-Nov-16 19:09:21

Books would be my choice or books with DVD (like bear hunt, owl babies)

Mine love them

Or hats - really nice hats (my son has a lion one that is so cute and its kind of dress up for him)

Or bowls / cutlery or cups that are that be more fun that usual

Jenijena Sat 19-Nov-16 19:12:03

Books! It's lovely that my children get toys from friends but we have so much stuff already - but you can never have too many books.

Spin789 Sat 19-Nov-16 19:14:13

Another vote for books, they are generally my go-to present, I don't think you can go wrong with a nice book.

Leeds2 Sat 19-Nov-16 19:15:45

Pair of pyjamas.

Character t shirt or jumper.

Audio books.

MigsSlippers Sat 19-Nov-16 19:16:43

Pjs, tops, duvet cover, hat & gloves, the younger ones might like their own "special" plates, bowls etc, or placemats with their names on. Musical battery powered toothbrushes, cake making equipment such as measuring spoons, rolling pins, aprons, cookbooks. But if they already have these things they really don't need another, and kids who have plenty of toys will probably have plenty of winter clothes by christmas too.

I know the crockery sounds like a cr*p gift but my 9 year old is still jealous that her little brother still has his special plate smile

I do stick to toys and PJs myself these days - even kids who have lots of toys are always outgrowing them. A 5 year old needs books and toys for 5 year olds, no matter how many toddler toys they have.

Out2pasture Sat 19-Nov-16 19:16:55

Pj's and books

228agreenend Sat 19-Nov-16 19:18:24

I was going to say books as well.

Maybe craft stuff - paint sets etc

qwom Sat 19-Nov-16 19:20:18

This lady is great and makes some fab suggestions!

divafever99 Sat 19-Nov-16 19:21:59

Again I would suggest PJ's, or vouchers to go to a local play centre, or maybe cinema for the older set of siblings. In the past I have also made up baking hampers, containing small apron, mixing bowl, food colouring, sprinkles and cookie cutters which have been very well received.

Ettal Sat 19-Nov-16 19:28:03

Bath bombs or a 'fun' bar from lush, or even a bubble bar, always goes down well with kids. Disney DVDs are a good choice and are 3 for £20 most places so works out good value at about £6 odd each.

Paddingtonthebear Sat 19-Nov-16 19:29:51

My DD turned 4 a few months ago and got loads for her birthday. She has a scooter and is already on her second bike so nothing "big" left to buy. We have tried to go less on "toys" for Christmas and more of spread of different things.

We have got her:

A time teaching watch
Playmobil pony set (secondhand!)
Vet dressing up outfit
Cd audiobook set
Huge gel pens set and drawing pad Nelly & Nora DVD
Thumbelina DVD
Belle disney doll
My little pony socks set
Battery princess toothbrush
Chocolate Father Christmas
Big pack of glittery hairbands

From relatives she will be getting:

Light up night and day globe
Little Mermaid dress up costume
Pyjamas and slippers - Disney
Lottie doll
Orchard game

Toyed with getting her a camera but decided to get a watch instead. Camera for next birthday I think.

gigglingHyena Sat 19-Nov-16 22:30:20

Apron and some cake sprinkles or a box of cake mix.
Audio book for in the car. I think I could still recite the Julia Donaldson ones.
Bubble machine.

Mummytogg Sun 20-Nov-16 11:23:38

We have some friends who have girls with less than a year between them. We always struggle what to get the, but this year we've got them Disney flannels and some of the shampoo/body wash I know the mum uses on them to go with it. Disney shaped crayons, colouring in books and a couple of regular reading books. Also a tube of mini buttons each.

If I doubt I buy clothes a size bigger for children

violetbeth Sun 20-Nov-16 11:27:25

Ah, all these suggestions are BRILLIANT thank you....I am off Christmas Shopping tomorrow so I shall let you all know what I get.....Thank you =)

Kpo58 Sun 20-Nov-16 19:08:49

Have a look at The Works online as they do 10 picture books for £10, which is great when buying for alot of people.

Paddington68 Sun 20-Nov-16 19:42:41

trip to the zoo, on a train, family pizza meal

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