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Anyone going to be alone at christmas?

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buddhasbelly Sat 19-Nov-16 17:54:45

Was a bit apprehensive about asking, but is anyone going to be alone this Christmas? If so how do you cope?

GogoGobo Sat 19-Nov-16 20:47:35

I'm not this year but have been previously. I was single, after coming out of a long relationship and I have a fairly small but dysfunctional family. I do think it depends on the circumstances but if they are generally positive ones (e.g. Not because of a bereavement) then it can be fine.
I woke up normal time, had a nice bath and a glass of champagne, put classic fm on and made myself a nest in the living room and spent the day in pyjamas and bed socks with my favourite tv/food/magazines and did lots of surfing looking at holidays and sales!
I had a pretty early night and gave myself a massive pat on the back the next day. I called into my sisters on Boxing Day morning and then went sale shopping and by the next day the gym was open and normal service had resumed!
I hope that it all proves to be ok for you flowers

buddhasbelly Sat 19-Nov-16 21:44:13

Thank you. Strained family relationships and not long out of a relationship myself. Taken a lot from your post, hopefully wont be too bad.

Lilaclily Sat 19-Nov-16 21:46:51

There's always people in mumsnet too escaping the chaos and endless entertaining
I think the idea of a nest and binge watching netflix sounds good with lots of yummy food

I'd plan the cinema on xmas eve or boxing day too with a friend preferably for something to look forward to

Or I'd volunteer in a soup kitchen , or even work in a restaurant for the cash

angryangryyoungwoman Sat 19-Nov-16 22:23:40

I haven't had the experience, but I think I would work or volunteer. Alternatively, a day of relaxing and pampering myself.
How are you feeling generally? I read a few negative aspects in the language of your posts flowers

GogoGobo Sat 19-Nov-16 22:26:11

I will think of you buddhasbelly and I can quite honestly say that the strength I garnered from spending it on my own is still with me now.
Good luck xx

Wauden Sat 19-Nov-16 22:46:11

I plan to do this and feel calm about the prospect. I will get a bottle of good champagne, some good food, listen to the singing and probably sing along. This I did last year, with no-one causing me problems, nor being with a family as a pity invitation, however well-intentioned and kind, can be a bit awkward for me. Also I had a friend to stay a couple of days afterwards, for a short time.

Reading a post above, I might well pop into MN on the day!
One year I went abroad for two weeks alone but that can be pot luck.
Then I plan to work between Christmas and New Year.

torthecatlady Sun 20-Nov-16 00:01:09

I'm on my own with my cats for Christmas Day for the first time ever. Dh will be working and DSS is over on Boxing Day.
It will be a bit lonely, but at least I won't have to share the bubbles!

ladyballs Sun 20-Nov-16 00:08:06

I'm on my own with my cat this year. I'll meet friends for drinks then spend the rest of the day mooching round my flat.

I've had two pity invitations from people who can't understand I'm happy on my own. I'm looking forward to it.

ilovesooty Sun 20-Nov-16 00:15:49

I usually am on my own. This year I'm volunteering for Crisis at Christmas. I'm looking forward to it.

FeedMyFaceWithJaffaCakes Sun 20-Nov-16 07:18:07

I was last year in the evening due to work and Dp being in Scotland/London with his family, there was a massive support thread here smile

madgingermunchkin Sun 20-Nov-16 07:44:27

I've been on my own for Christmas for the last five years. Usually working, although not this year.

Because Christmas Day will be my only day off in a very busy 2 week period, im spending it in my pjs, watching and eating whatever I want.

Awoof Sun 20-Nov-16 07:48:02

I'm on my own from midday- divorced exh this year so dd is going to him for the bulk of the day as I'm taking her on a special wee holiday the week before.
I am a bit sad that I won't be sitting around a noisy dining table to eat my lunch but I am going to get myself a nice dinner and bottle of champagne and a new book and some lush bath stuff.
Will catch up with friend family etc on other days either side I think x

Somanyvipers Sun 20-Nov-16 07:52:58

I'll be surrounded by colleagues without a single day off. Means my elderly mum will be on her own, she seems utterly unbothered. She's finally plucked up the courage to admit Christmas doesnt mean much to her.....she was always going through the motions for the sake of me and other family members.

buddhasbelly Sun 20-Nov-16 09:19:21

Thanks for all the responses so far. Family problems (my fault - not saying as a "poor me", just that this is the situation).

Sometimes i wish there wasn't such a build up to christmas.

sooty how did you go about signing yourself up to volunteer?

Thank you all again

ilovesooty Sun 20-Nov-16 10:43:19

I'm signed up to volunteer away from my area because I had a B&B booked to visit my mother who has since died. Rather than cancel it I enquired through the web site. However all general vacancies were filled months ago - I got in because there were still spaces for people experienced in leading activities with large groups of people. I have to attend induction training prior to the event as well.
I got the impression that volunteering on Christmas day is really popular and you have to enquire very early.

hollyatchristmas Sun 20-Nov-16 11:01:58

That's sad ilovesooty

About your mum obviously not the volunteering. I'm on my own with my daughter she will be 9 months.

harderandharder2breathe Sun 20-Nov-16 15:41:58

I am, and have before too

I love Christmas! I refuse to unwrap any presents I receive until Christmas morning (when I explain why no one has ever pushed, even my work secret santa that everyone is normally filmed opening).

Last year I spent Christmas Eve evening with a nice baileys and a book watching a Christmas film (worked Christmas Eve but won't be this year as it's a Saturday). Another year I went to my towns winter area and saw live reindeer and a movie at the cinema (happy feet I think?)

Christmas Day I wake up, unwrap presents, shower and put on nice clothes (not a bath person). I always cook full Christmas dinner.

Evening, I speak to both parents by phone.

MTWTFSS Sun 20-Nov-16 18:06:41

It would be nice on Mumsnet to have a Christmas Day party thread smile

SnowBallsAreHere Sun 20-Nov-16 18:35:47

Try [ Community Christmas] for places to volunteer.

SnowBallsAreHere Sun 20-Nov-16 18:36:23

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