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Help me jewellery shop!

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LaBrujita Sat 19-Nov-16 14:57:28

I have a number of jewellery items to hunt out:

1. SILs - £20 ish sort of budget
2. Secret Santa - £10ish sort of budget
3. Myself! £40-50ish sort of budget.

I already know the high street stores and Etsy. I've shopped the Orkney designers and know Alex Munroe, Nick Hubbard, I've browsed Pilgrim and Lisa Angel, I have a lovely Hairy Growler pendant, Estella Bartlett and Zara Taylor.

I've recently discovered Dowse Design, Lizzie Lane, Tutti and Co and Lola and Grace.

What other sites can you recommend? Preferably a maker and designer's own site, but collections are fine too. I'm just on the lookout for more more more, really, and also would like to find stuff that's different to the same ol' that I feel I keep browsing.

Tiggles Sat 19-Nov-16 16:11:18

I have a friend makes dichroic jewellery which would suit your budget for your SIL and secret santa this is her webpage
And another who makes more expensive silver jewellery Welsh jewellery

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