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What's a good 'glamour' present for a 4.5 yr old?

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pyjamasonbananas Thu 17-Nov-16 21:39:09

Needs to be v small, as we will be away; and as the older ones are getting electronic stuff it also needs to be snazzy enough that he doesn't feel done down.
Ideas?? Mind is blank..

daisydalrymple Thu 17-Nov-16 22:20:05

Kiddi zoom camera?

daisydalrymple Thu 17-Nov-16 22:21:40

Ds1 and dd had theirs at 5&3 I think. Both loved them and played with them lots. Loved taking pics and then drawing / customising them!

AmeliaJack Thu 17-Nov-16 22:24:48

A leap pad?

daisydalrymple Thu 17-Nov-16 22:25:51

Yes actually ours had a leappad the following year and they loved that too.

pyjamasonbananas Thu 17-Nov-16 22:37:33

we have an iPad he can use - is a leap pad better/different? Am quite grinchy about this, as I want him to have something he's really pleased with BUT not just ANother THING.

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